The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Innocence

When Tuvok’s shuttlecraft crashes on a moon, he discovers survivors of another crash – three young children. When the children claim that two of their number have already been taken by a monster, Tuvok must look after them whilst also performing repairs.

Star Trek doesn’t have a great record with episodes featuring young children. Which means that, whilst this isn’t one of Voyager’s better episodes, it is far, far better than the likes of Rascals or And The Children Shall Lead. Tuvok playing straight man to a group of spirited but not overly annoying children goes just as you’d expect, even if the final reveal seems more ridiculous with each rewatch. To be honest, the fact that Voyager can do this episode and not have it be totally awful is an achievement in itself.

Reverse ageing?

Let’s consider the Drayan ageing process for a moment. Alcia specifically states that their ageing process is reversed in comparison to other species – as opposed to them just reverting to a childlike state when they get old (which I could have spun as being somewhat plausible). She also describes her people as being ‘created’ rather than born, and that their bodies return to energy when they die (indeed, we see no corpses for the other ‘children’).

With all this in mind, I can construct something vaguely satisfactory. Let’s assume that the Drayans do spend part of their lives as energy, perhaps in some sort of equivalent to the Great Link where all consciousness is mashed together. Every so often, one takes corporeal form. At first, they are unused to it, so they appear feeble and weak, like an old person. In time, they get fitter and stronger, and seem like adults in their prime. Then, as they start losing the ability to hold corporeal form, their bodies shrink, and their memories fade.

Of course, Tressa does mention her grandson, which suggests familial relationships, but let’s assume that the Drayan notion of family is based on adoption rather than blood relations.

Other points

  • A shuttlecraft crashes in this episode, but as Tuvok is able to fly it back shortly after the end of the episode, it doesn’t count towards the running total.
  • Even though Tressa is revealed to be 96 years old, this still makes her younger than Tuvok, who is over a century old.
  • Tuvok has four children.

Lost shuttlecraft running total: 4

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 3

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 1

Summary – Innocence: In which Tuvok visits the planet of Benjamin Button.

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