The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Basics I+II

When Seska contacts Chakotay to say that his newborn son is in danger, Voyager has some difficult decisions to make. Chakotay never consented to fathering a child with Seska, so does he hold any responsibility for that child’s safety? And can Voyager really survive a hazardous trip through Kazon space?

Season two segues into season three with Voyager’s first two-parter, an experience I wasn’t particularly looking forward to. The main thing I remembered about this episode was Voyager’s crew grubbing about on a primitive planet, and that was something I distinctly didn’t enjoy. Whilst I still agree with that point of view, there’s more to this two-parter than Janeway and co roughing it.

Part one is actually pretty good – we have Chakotay soul searching over whether to accept his son, Voyager taking on a perilous journey through Kazon space, and even the return of Lon Suder. Even part two has its highlights, such as Suder and the Doctor working together, but it’s marred by the planet scenes. Every trope in the book is thrown at us here: huge monsters, violent natives whose trust is won by saving their lives, even a sick baby. We even lose recurring character Mr Hogan.

Points of Note

  • Part II sees the demise of both Seska and Lon Suder.
  • Could Voyager have prevented Tierna from blowing himself up, perhaps by a more thorough body scan, or by never leaving him unobserved?
  • Since the Kazon use Voyager’s escape pods to abandon ship, is Voyager short on escape pods for the rest of its journey, or does the crew build some new ones?
  • Although Torres is sceptical about projecting holographic ships, this was one of the tricks she used in the Maquis. Personally I’m sceptical about it – it reeks too much of the “inflatable Enterprise” from the animated series.
  • The Doctor can override his own deactivation and set a timer for when to reactivate himself. Is he at all conscious when not activated, or does he just use the timer when he needs to reactivate himself and no one else is going to be around to do it?
  • Even though Culluh is a horrific misogynist, this time around I noticed that he was actually upset at Seska’s death. Previously, I thought he only cared about rescuing the baby.
  • The end of season two sees Voyager leave behind both the Kazons and Vidiians in favour of new recurring enemies such as the Borg, Species 8472 and the Hirogen.
  • As well as teaching at Starfleet Academy, Tuvok has been an instructor at the Vulcan Academy of Defensive Arts. It’s unclear if this preceded his Starfleet career, or whether he was on loan from Starfleet Academy at the time.

Lost shuttlecraft running total: 4

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 3

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 1

Summary – Basics: In which Suder becomes a hero, Seska suffers an ignominious death, Hogan gets eaten, and Chakotay narrowly escapes becoming a single father.

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