The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Alter Ego

When Harry develops feelings for a holodeck character, he seeks help from Tuvok in controlling his emotions. But when Tuvok meets Marayna, the object of Harry’s affections, he too is drawn to this complex and compelling character. Could there be more to Marayna than meets the eye, and what does she want from Tuvok?

This is a fairly standard episode, remarkable only in its unremarkableness. How many times have we seen aliens project themselves onto a starship so that they can interact with the crew, with dramatic results? The difference here, of course, is that Tuvok is the focus of the storyline, and it’s nice to have a Vulcan-centric plot which isn’t about said Vulcan losing their emotional control. In fact, here Tuvok’s personality is portrayed as a strength, rather than a weakness – it is his stoic nature and unwillingness to join in with the crowd that makes him so appealing to Marayna. He’s not just a dull, inflexible chief of security here; he’s a deep, smart man.

Points of Note

  • This episode introduces kal-toh, a complex Vulcan game. Harry describes it as “Vulcan chess”, but Tuvok explains that it is far more complex than chess. If anything, it seems as if it would be more akin to go, with shapes and patterns being important.
  • My former viewing companion caught the beginning of the episode and asked if an inversion nebula is a real thing. It doesn’t seem to be, not even as a theoretical construct.
  • Vorik seems interested in B’Elanna – this will become important very soon.
  • Tuvok beams to Marayna’s space station whilst the shields are still up.
  • When the crew speculates that Marayna may be a hologram who has become sentient,, Chakotay mentions how the same thing happened with Moriarty on the Enterprise-D. According to Harry, this incident is now studied at Starfleet Academy.

Lost shuttlecraft running total: 5

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 4

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 1

Summary – Alter Ego: In which Harry tries Vulcan meditation to get over a holodeck crush, instead of just having a good wank.

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