The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Before and After

Not long after her ninth birthday, Kes wakes up on her deathbed, with no memories of her life. In short order, it becomes apparent that Kes is jumping backwards in time, living fragments of her life in reverse. Can she enlist the help of the Voyager crew to stop her temporal displacement before she jumps back to a time before she was even born?

We’ll be losing her very soon, but before that, we get one last decent Kes episode. Characters getting unstuck in time or waking up in a future they don’t remember is a Star Trek staple, but when you have a character with a nine year lifespan, it’s easy to pack a lot of development into very little time. This episode gives us a glimpse into a future that obviously doesn’t happen on the show, but it’s still something a little different, and certainly worth seeing.

Voyager, 2379

  • In 2374, Voyager is repeatedly attacked by an alien species known as the Krenim. Captain Janeway and B’Elanna are killed, and Chakotay becomes captain. Tuvok becomes his first officer. This time comes to be known as the Year of Hell.
  • Future Chakotay has proper Starfleet pips instead of a Maquis badge, whilst future Tuvok retains his gold uniform despite being first officer.
  • Tom and B’Elanna are an item at the time of her death, but over the course of the coming months, he gets together with Kes, and they have a child, Linnis.
  • By the time Kes is eight and a half, Linnis has married Harry Kim and given birth to a son, Andrew.
  • Lieutenant Carey, who hasn’t been seen since season one, also dies (off screen) during the Year of Hell.
  • At some point, Neelix leaves the ship’s galley and becomes a Starfleet security officer.
  • The Doctor tries various names for himself, including Mozart and van Gogh. He also reprograms himself with a full head of hair.

Other points

  • The Year of Hell will happen in season four, although the timeline in which it occurs is subsequently erased.
  • Neelix bakes Kes a Jimbalian fudge cake for her ninth birthday, just as he did for her second birthday.
  • The Doctor says he’s known Kes since she was less than a year old, but Kes had her second birthday before she had even been on Voyager for a year, so he’s clearly misremembering – perhaps as a result of his catastrophic memory loss in The Swarm.
  • This episode introduces Kes’ longer hair style (confusingly enough, for figuring out which is the ‘present’ time period). I feel like the different hairstyle really changes Kes’ entire personality – she no longer seems so elfin and frail.
  • The last days of an Ocampa’s life are known as the morilogium. Its onset is swift, and death occurs shortly after.

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 7

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 5

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 1

Summary – Before and After: Kes lives a lifetime, in reverse.

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