The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Day of Honor

B’Elanna Torres is not having a good day. One thing after another has been going wrong, right up to the point where she has to eject the warp core. To make matters worse, it’s also the Klingon Day of Honor, and despite her usual reluctance to observe Klingon tradition, this year, B’Elanna has been considering making an exception.

There are two main points to make with regards to this episode. First off, is that the Day of Honor concept actually comes from the licensed Star Trek novels – it was the second big crossover series after The Captain’s Table, featuring a book set in each of the four franchises that existed at the time. From that, the Day of Honor leaked into the canon Star Trek universe with this episode.

The other big thing, of course, is that this is the episode in which B’Elanna finally admits her feelings for Tom. Tom and B’Elanna have been spending time together for a while now, but their relationship has still been a bit antagonistic, with Tom doing all the flirting and B’Elanna largely being hostile or uninterested – when she isn’t under the influence of pon farr, that is. Whilst it is entirely plausible that, as she says, she was pushing Tom away because she was scared of getting close, like so many TV relationships, it sends the message that when women say no, you just have to chase them until they relent.

Other than that, the episode isn’t much to write home about. Seven of Nine gets out of the cargo bay, Voyager runs afoul of the alien of the week, and another shuttlecraft gets destroyed. Just a regular day in the life of the Voyager crew.

Points of Note

  • First, one from the previous episode that I forgot to include. When Janeway is telling Kes about the time Tuvok got his meditation lamp, she says that he purchased it from a Vulcan master, who charged double when he saw their Starfleet uniforms. How does this make sense? There’s no money in the Federation. Did he charge by having Tuvok and Janeway do manual labour for a few hours or something?
  • Way back in Cathexis, B’Elanna did not have the seniority to eject the warp core. In this episode she does, although I guess that in the intervening years, Janeway might have decided it was a good idea for the chief engineer to be able to eject the warp core in an emergency.
  • With B’Elanna away, why is Carey not in charge down in Engineering?
  • Tom and B’Elanna have just over half an hour of oxygen left when Voyager is surrounded by the Caatati. Do they really manage to negotiate with the aliens and build a prototype thorium replicator in a mere thirty minutes?
  • If the Day of Honor is an annual celebration- which seems likely, as a warrior is supposed to reflect on their actions over the past year – why have we never seen Worf celebrating it before in TNG or DS9? Why is this the first time Neelix has ever cooked blood pie to mark the occasion?
  • Once again, I need to wonder as to whether food consumed on the holodeck comes out of a crewmember’s replicator rations, or if it’s made with the magic holodeck power supply. Again, if the latter, why not use all the holodeck’s power to replicate delicious food, not to mention spare parts for the ship?

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 9

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 5

Number of times the entire crew gets kicked off the ship: 2

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 1

Summary – Day of Honor: In which B’Elanna Torres has a really, really bad day.

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