The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: The Raven

When Seven of Nine starts having disturbing flashbacks and dreams, she begins to wonder if she is being called back to the Borg. Meanwhile, Voyager becomes embroiled in negotiations with the xenophobic B’omar, who are reluctant to let strangers cross their space.

Overall, The Raven is an underwhelming episode. The whole thing with the B’omar is entirely dull and lacking in originality – oh look, another xenophobic race who doesn’t want Voyager passing through their territory. It feels like it’s just there to provide a tiny bit of additional jeopardy to the episode, and of course to pad out the story to the full length.

So, what of Seven of Nine? Here, The Raven fares a little better. I was unimpressed with the whole “Seven suddenly wants to rejoin the Borg” development – yes, it turned out to be false, but for a large portion of the episode it feels like a step backwards, given that we’ve just spent three episodes establishing that she absolutely and utterly does not want to return to the Borg.

The good part only really comes towards the end, as Seven is forced to face up to her conflicting feelings. She spent the best part of twenty years as a drone, and for that time, the Borg have been her family, the ones who raised her and gave her a home. But eighteen years ago, Seven was a six-year-old girl named Annika who underwent a traumatic experience when she and her parents were all assimilated. Seven can no longer suppress those memories, and she must incorporate her past as Annika into her life as Seven of Nine.

Seven of Nine factbox

Seven both starts eating real food in this episode, and switches from her silver catsuit to a brown one.

Points of Note

  • Voyager wants to travel through B’omar territory in order to shave a few months off their journey. Given that the B’omar’s travel restrictions seem to mean that they wouldn’t save any journey time, why not give up and stop wasting days in fruitless negotiations?
  • The Hansen’s arrival in the Delta Quadrant will be explored more in Dark Frontier, an episode which arguably raises more questions than it answers. Nonetheless, we will explore those questions next season.
  • Given that the Borg assimilated humans almost twenty years ago, why did they not immediately rush to the Alpha Quadrant to add the biological and cultural distinctiveness of humanity and the other Federation races much sooner?
  • Given that Voyager warps out of B’omar space at the end of the episode, we can assume that Seven and Tuvok’s shuttle was left behind. Unless Tom Paris tractored it back with his shuttle, I guess. I’ll count it as possibly salvageable.
  • The da Vinci holoprogram is seen again in this episode, but the maestro himself is not present. I had forgotten that he only appears twice in the series, due to other appearances of his workshop.

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 11

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 7

Number of times the entire crew gets kicked off the ship: 2

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 1

Summary – The Raven: Featuring a real illusory raven.

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