The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Unforgettable

Voyager rescues a woman who claims that she has been aboard the ship a scant few weeks ago, even though no one remembers anything about her! Apparently she is from a secretive race of people who cannot be remembered by other species for any length of time. Having fallen in love with Chakotay on her first visit, she now wishes to break the law of her people and seek asylum on Voyager.

Unforgettable can be viewed in one of two ways. On the one hand, it’s quite a nice little self-contained love story for Chakotay, and I enjoy it on thay level. It’s good for him to have something to do that isn’t about tapping into his mystical spirit powers. On the other hand, the premise is pretty flimsy, and doesn’t stand up to close inspection. Maybe I’m just over-sensitive to this kind of thing, but it does feel like some of the most outlandish ideas have been saved for the closing episodes of season four – and we still have Demon to come!

Gone, and also forgotten

  • Could a species really exist who couldn’t be remembered? I can get on board with the idea that the formation of long term memories could be blocked using chemicals, but it wouldn’t have any degree of precision. Presumably Chakotay and the others have no recollection of anything that happened during that time, rather than just remembering everything except the presence of the Ramorans.
  • It’s also convenient that they have a virus that works so well on alien technology, and is presumably able to delete key references to the Ramorans whilst leaving everything else intact. Does it replace log entries with bland “nothing happened today” statements? Surely the presence of gaps in both the computer records and people’s memories is in itself highly suspicious? Let’s not forget the trouble that was caused by trying to erase logs and memories in TNG’s Clues.
  • Also, can the virus seek out and destroy coded or obscure references to the Ramorans? How sophisticated is this thing?
  • How are the Ramorans also immune to technological scans? They seem like average humanoids – could their body chemistry somehow be too complex to parse? Sorry, but I’m not going to chalk this one up to the ‘pheromone’, because that’s just beyond the limits of what I’ll go along with.
  • Anyway, despite being impervious to both scanners and transporters at various points during the episode, not only is Kellin successfully beamed to Voyager once Chakotay rescues her, but we see The Doctor scanning her to gauge the effects of the memory erasure. Why bother – your scanners don’t work!
  • Seven of Nine is unimpressed by courtship rituals, believing one might as skip straight to ‘procreation’. She will later experiment with romance using a holographic Chakotay.

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 11

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 7

Number of times the entire crew gets enslaved or kicked off the ship: 3

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 2

Summary – Unforgettable: Chakotay finally gets a girl, and he won’t even remember it.

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