The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Once Upon a Time

When the Delta Flyer is forced to make an emergency landing on a planetoid of unstable caves, Voyager mobilises to rescue Paris, Tuvok and Ensign Wildman. In the meantime, Neelix must act as guardian for Naomi Wildman, but his decision to shield her from knowing what’s happening to her mother might well backfire.

What could be worse than a Neelix episode, I hear you ask. Well, as it turns out, the answer to that is an episode that features both Neelix and Naomi Wildman. As with Alexander and many other TV kids, Naomi has grown up quickly, and now appears to be about ten years old at the tender age of just two and a half. What this means is that she’s old enough to do schoolwork and dream of being the captain’s assistant whilst enjoying twee holodeck stories about elemental characters who live in a big forest.

All of this is so cloying that it only further serves to obscure the more serious elements of the story – namely the potential for Naomi to lose her mother on a dangerous away mission. Neelix, who has experienced the loss of his family first hand, wants to shield Naomi from anything unpleasant – which, as we know, never goes well on a TV show. As always with a Neelix story, it’s hard to take the darker aspects seriously, especially as we know everything will be fine by then.

Points of Note

  • The Adventures of Flotter is a previously unmentioned but apparently popular series of holonovels for children. Naomi Wildman is currently enjoying them, and Samantha Wildman, Harry Kim and Captain Janeway all played them as children. Somehow, the instance of Flotter on Voyager is able to remember Samantha Wildman playing the holonovels; either Flotter has some sort of merged memories of all past interactions (in which case he’s probably become sentient by now), or he’s referencing some sort of database of “everyone who ever played Flotter”. Neither of these things sounds like a good use of Voyager’s memory banks.
  • Now that we know that Voyager can beam up the entire Delta Flyer and its contents, my theories about some of the other shuttlecraft being salvaged off screen seem more plausible.
  • Why does Naomi have full access to the bridge? It’s hardly a suitable environment for a child.

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 11

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 7

Number of times the entire crew gets enslaved or kicked off the ship: 3

Number of times Voyager gets destroyed: 2

Summary – Once Upon a Time: Never work with children or Talaxians.

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