The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Alice

When Voyager comes across a space junkyard, they are keen make some trades with its owner – and Tom Paris has his eye on one item in particular. Ever a fan of fixing up old vehicles, he purchases a small ship, but his obsession with repairing it soon becomes all-consuming.

I really enjoyed Alice the first time I saw it, and so I was looking forward to seeing it again. Yes, it’s essentially Stephen King’s Christine in space, but that’s a good enough story that I’m content to have Voyager do a retelling of it. That being said, whilst I still enjoyed Alice this time around, it was not with quite the same level of enthusiasm. The character of Alice, who was a real draw for me back in the day, now feels a bit phoned in – presumably in my teens I was more concerned with her looks than her acting ability.

Points of Note

  • The episode begins with Harry and Kim playing “guess the age of the Vulcan”. Tuvok’s actual age at this time is between 111 and 112.
  • How exactly is a particle fountain Alice’s home? She presumably didn’t originate from it.
  • B’Elanna’s argument to Tom is that Alice is not a real person because she’s ‘just a computer’. Given that The Doctor is also just a computer program, I don’t think this is a good argument for Alice not being real. Argue that she’s about to kill Tom by flying him into a particle fountain instead!
  • Even though Tom said he was fed up with Captain Proton after the events of Bride of Chaotica, he seems to be over it now, as he was scheduled to play a chapter with Harry Kim.
  • Why is beryllium so valuable when it’s a simple element that could be easily replicated?
  • Again, Tom and B’Elanna’s relationship doesn’t seem particularly amazing, given that B’Elanna says that Tom immediately ignores her every time he has a new project on.
  • Remember when Voyager wouldn’t trade their technology because they didn’t want it getting into the wrong hands? They don’t seem at all worried about that in this episode, and you can bet Abaddon doesn’t worry about who he sells Voyager’s technology to.
  • Chakotay says Voyager has a full complement of shuttlecraft, which is amazing given how many they’ve lost over the years.

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 16

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 10

Number of times the entire crew gets enslaved or kicked off the ship: 3

Number of times a version of Voyager gets destroyed: 5

Summary – Alice: In which B’Elanna and a computer program fight over Tom Paris.

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