The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Homestead

When Voyager comes across a colony of Talaxians, Neelix is eager to take what may be his last chance to meet some of his own people. These Talaxians are suspicious of outsiders, but can Neelix earn their trust by helping them protect their home from a group of unscrupulous miners?

With the show drawing to a close, the time has come to end the story of the one main character who isn’t from the Alpha Quadrant – Neelix. Even though Neelix seemed as keen as everyone else to get back to Earth right from the start, ultimately he opts for life with his own people. Why have we been putting up with him for seven years, then?

Much as I’m glad to see Neelix go, in a way, this episode is an odd message to send. The 24th century represents a future where everyone is enlightened and accepting, where racism is supposedly a thing of the past and the Federation is one big giant melting pot. And yet, ultimately, that’s not what we see on screen. There are starships crewed entirely by Vulcans, and plenty where the crew are predominantly human. Both B’Elanna and Spock were teased for being mixed race. And here, in Homestead, we’re left with the message that it’s better for Neelix to go and live with his own people, even individuals he hardly knows, than it is to stay with his good friends of the last seven years. I mean, what happens a year or so down the line when Neelix and Dexa decide they aren’t right for each other?

Points of Note

  • How did the Talaxians even get out this far? Dexa seemed personally familiar with Talax, but under normal circumstances it would take around 35 years at high warp to get from there to their asteroid home – and they even had time to temporarily settle on another planet along the way. Perhaps they were really lucky and found lots of wormholes along the way, or maybe the Talaxians are really good at building high warp ships.
  • Neelix’s ship has been used on only a handful of occasions throughout the series, even though Voyager has been hauling it around all this time. It seems like there have been plenty of times when deploying Neelix’s ship for some extra firepower would have been a good idea. It surely can’t be flimsier than all those lost shuttles.
  • Naomi says she isn’t a little girl any more, even though she’s all of five years old. Also, that seems to be enough for Neelix to decide he is no longer needed aboard Voyager.
  • First Contact Day is an official Federation holiday. It’s no Captain Picard day, though.

Lost, crashed or destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 18

Destroyed Delta Flyer running total: 1

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 11

Number of times the entire crew gets enslaved or kicked off the ship: 4.5

Number of times a version of Voyager gets destroyed: 5

Summary – Homestead: In which Janeway finally gets rid of Neelix.

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