The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Fight or Flight

The Enterprise has been out in space for two weeks, and so far, the most interesting they have found is an alien slug. The crew is getting restless, and Captain Archer is only too happy when they come across an abandoned alien ship to explore. But things soon take a sinister turn when Archer’s away mission discovers that the alien crew has been murdered.

As you can, it’s still taking me a while to get up to speed on blogging Enterprise. It’s not that it’s particularly bad right now, it’s just that it’s hard to care about it too much. This episode’s story isn’t much to write home about, but it does give a chance to start getting to know some of the characters, so that’s what I’ll focus on in this blog.

Character development

  • Hoshi is really the focus of this episode, as we address her worries about being in space, and whether she’s really cut out for life in Starfleet. This is the classic “rookie gains confidence” arc, which starts with Hoshi struggling with a difficult away mission that leads her to doubt herself. Of course, when the chips are down and only Hoshi’s language skills can save the Enterprise, she comes through with flying colours.
  • Dr Phlox is portrayed here as a keen observer of human foibles – whilst everyone else is bored and waiting for something to happen, he’s quite content to catalogue human behaviour. In fact, he’s even quite eager to watch some human mating rituals.
  • Archer I feel comes off poorly in this episode. Since he feels bad about running away from the ship full of alien corpses, he takes his anger out on T’Pol and Trip. They both had good reasons for thinking it was the right thing to do, but he really has a go at them over dinner, as if they were forcing him to leave instead of just advising him. Don’t be such a bully, Archer!

Other points

  • I get that it was important for Hoshi’s character development in this episode, but why does it always have to be the women who scream when they discover something unpleasant? Make a man scream or cry out instead.
  • Hoshi’s pet slug looks like a common banana slug. Also, rehoming it on that new planet is only marginally better than keeping it on Enterprise. Now it will die alone, away from the rest of its kind. It won’t even get the satisfaction of biting the penis off another slug, which is a thing that sometimes happens after slug on slug coitus.
  • What exactly is a ‘bimodal grammar’ anyway? In case it was actually a linguist thing, I did a quick google search, but the closest thing I found was ‘bimodal bilingualism’, which is not what Hoshi is talking about.
  • Hoshi might be able to grasp the grammar of the Axanar more quickly than a computer, but surely she wouldn’t be able to memorise as much vocabulary. And yet she doesn’t even refer to any notes when she starts talking with the Axanar representative.
  • Axanar was mentioned a couple of times way back in TOS. Start packing those references in, writers!

Summary – Fight or Flight: In which Archer is a bully, and Hoshi gets her groove back.

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