The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Terra Nova

Enterprise arrives at Terra Nova, the site of the first deep space human colony. Seventy years ago, the colonists stopped communicating with Earth, but what happened to them? And is there anyone still living on the planet?

You know you’ve arrived as a Star Trek series when you get to visit an Earth colony gone wrong. Enterprise makes a fair stab at it in this episode, which sees our protagonists visit Terra Nova, a world populated by people who have forgotten their human origins. It’s standard stuff, as the initially hostile Novans are slowly won over to the truth about their past over the course of the episode, thanks to the kindness of Starfleet. But whilst it’s nothing new in the Star Trek canon, it is at least a solid episode in its own right. Is Enterprise actually getting better as the characters settle into their roles, or am I softening to it?

Points of Note

  • Having the colonists use odd local colloquialisms instead of standard English was a trick also used in Nemesis, and it remains somewhat annoying. At least this time around it’s plausible that the Universal Translator wasn’t even switched on, and therefore wasn’t simply failing to properly render the odd turns of phrase into contemporary English. Presumably the original Novan colonists spoke English, and their descendants are just speaking a natural evolution of it.
  • This is actually the first time Phlox is referred to as a Denobulan – before that, his species wasn’t mentioned.
  • Travis mentions the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. As we know, at the current time, she is in stasis in the Delta Quadrant.

Summary – Terra Nova: Erick Avari shows up on our screens yet again.

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