The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Cold Front

A simple mission to observe a stellar plume turns into something vastly more complicated when the Suliban return to Enterprise. Archer finds himself further drawn into the Temporal Cold War when a member of his crew claims to be an operative from 900 years in the future. But just who should he really trust?

Enterprise has been puttering along quite tolerably with its standalone episodes so far, but now we’re thrust back into the main arc with this reminder that the Suliban and the Temporal Cold War are still very much alive and well in this series. As I’ve already stated, I’m not a particular fan of this storyline – indeed, any plot that includes a shadowy villain figure sending out his minions to hassle the heroes is bordering on the stupid. Even so, I quite like the uncertainty in this episode – Silik’s actions have saved the ship, so can we really trust that Daniels is telling the truth? Of course, ultimately we know that the reptilian Suliban will be the bad guys, and that the human-looking Daniels will be on Enterprise’s side, but it’s nice to toy with the uncertainty for a bit.

Cliché count

  1. A shadowy figure from the future is unable to directly affect affairs, but is able to observe them and dispatch minions where necessary.
  2. A minion is punished for a previous failure, but then sent on another mission.
  3. Both future factions try to convince Archer that their opposing faction is the one in the wrong.
  4. An uneasy animal alerts the hero to the presence of an invisible adversary.

Points of Note

  • Daniels claims to be from the 31st century, putting him 200 years ahead of Captain Braxton and the timeships of the 29th century.
  • In the 31st century, Earth exists “in a manner of speaking”. Does this mean that the original Earth is lost, and has either been preserved in digital records or as a giant holodeck? Perhaps there’s a terraformed duplicate of Earth somewhere.
  • When Archer shakes the hands of the visiting aliens, he fails to account for the possibility that to them, physical contact might be highly intimate or insulting.
  • Is Daniels’ job on Enterprise really to make and bring Archer his scrambled eggs?
  • Reed is one of the very few people on Star Trek to point out that random visitors should not be allowed into sensitive areas of the ship.

Summary – Cold Front: More Temporal Cold War shenanigans.

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