The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Oasis

When Enterprise attempts to salvage parts from a crashed ship, they are surprised to discover that it is not as abandoned as they initially assumed. Archer and his crew decide to help the crash survivors fix their ship, but something is not quite as it seems.

Oasis is nothing if not predictable. Long time Star Trek fans will immediately recognise the similarities with DS9’s Shadowplay – and if you don’t, I’m about to list them anyway.

  • Both episodes feature one or two humanoid survivors who have create holographic reproductions of their former friends and colleagues.
  • In both episodes, the generator powering the holograms is in danger of failing, and must be fixed by the main characters.
  • In both cases, the main characters are initially unaware that most of the people they are interacting with are holograms.
  • Rene Auberjonois features prominently in both episodes.

With all this in mind, Oasis brings us little that Shadowplay didn’t already do better. Yes, we’re teased with the prospect of a romance between Trip and the Kes-like Liana, but it doesn’t contribute much towards making the episode stand out. There’s not even any kind of debate as to whether these holograms are sentient beings who have a right to live, as opposed to just being NPCs for Liana and Ezral.

Franchise nods

  • Trip sarcastically suggests that Ezral could program a holographic doctor, foreshadowing the existence of Starfleet’s EMH.

Summary – Oasis: Ghost ship!

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