The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Vox Sola

After a first contact goes wrong, Enterprise takes on board a mysterious alien life form that fills up the cargo bay and starts absorbing members of the crew. With Archer and Trip incapacitated by the creature, it’s down to T’Pol, Malcolm, Hoshi and Phlox to figure out a way of saving them.

Quite frankly, Vox Sola isn’t a very interesting episode. The main plot revolves around some terrible CG and gloopy webbing, in what seems to be an attempt to do a horror story. As we know, Star Trek is generally not very good at horror, and this episode is no exception. Whilst Archer and Trip hang around in the white gloop, it’s up to the other characters to harness their most stereotypical character traits to find a solution. T’Pol turns to mathematics; Hoshi tries to decipher the alien’s language; Phlox does medical things and Malcolm relies on weapons and forcefields. Travis, meanwhile, gets to sit on the bridge being as generic as Harry Kim was before him.

Of slightly more interest is the B story, in which the humans manage to mortally offend the Kreetassans – as it turns out, by eating in front of them. To the Kreetassans, eating is as intimate as intercourse, and definitely shouldn’t be carried out in front of strangers. Not only is this an interesting cultural quirk, but it makes me imagine first contact with an alien starship that culminates in being shown into the ‘sex room’. I guess that might well happen on Delta IV or Risa.

Points of Note

  • If Starfleet’s finest scientists can’t perfect forcefield technology, how is Malcolm able to do it? Is he secretly a genius?
  • This episode explicitly names T’Pol as first officer, rather than Trip. Although it seemed as if this must be the case, it was never actually spelt out for us before.

Summary – Vox Sola: Gloopy CG alien scares no one.

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