The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Fallen Hero

The crew’s plans for shore leave are interrupted when Enterprise is tasked with picking up V’Lar, a recently disgraced Vulcan ambassador. V’Lar refuses to talk about the events that led to the abrupt termination of her last assignment, but when Enterprise comes under attack whilst transporting her, Archer becomes determined to find out the truth.

Fallen Hero is a bit of a mixed bag. I really like the character of V’Lar – she retains her essential Vulcan dignity and poise whilst adding a warmth that is uncharacteristic of the average Vulcan ambassador. Unfortunately, the main story just isn’t that exciting, and mostly consists of Enterprise facing off against the generic bad guy of the week.

Franchise nods

  • Before their plans are ruined, the crew are intending to visit Risa, the popular pleasure planet. Risa never featured in TOS – if it had, you can bet Kirk would have been off there like a shot.

Other points

  • This episode marks the first time Enterprise’s fabled warp five engine actually reaches warp five.
  • Following on from his genius work with force fields in the last episode, here Malcolm says he’s been working on a way to fire phase cannons at warp. Is there no scientific problem this man can’t crack?
  • Who exactly is V’Lar testifying to about the shadowy evil controlling the Mazerite government? Is it the Vulcan High Command? Do they actually have any power to take any action against said shadowy evil? I guess they could cut off relations and impose sanctions, and, being Vulcans, they first wanted to gather proof to support their initial suspicions.
  • T’Pol claims here that she doesn’t understand why V’Lar would keep silent if she is innocent of the charges against her. Later, T’Pol herself will refuse to admit that her mind rape was non-consensual, for moral reasons.

Summary – Fallen Hero: V’Lar deserves to be a series regular.

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