The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Marauders

When Enterprise visits a mining colony to trade for deuterium, the crew is surprised at the brusque welcome they receive. But the reason for it soon become clear – the miners are being bullied into giving all their deuterium to the Klingons. Archer and his crew decide to teach the colonists to defend themselves.

Marauders marks a return to form for Enterprise – which is to say that instead of outright tripe like A Night in Sickbay, we get a serviceable story which is watchable but far from original. The Klingons here may look like the honourable warriors of the TNG era, but they act a lot like their TOS incarnation, using underhanded bullying tactics to get what they want, but ultimately being easily foiled by Starfleet.

It’s at this point that I really get the difference between what my viewing companion and I are getting out of Enterprise. I’ve been watching Star Trek almost every day for nearly two years now, and so of course I’m getting a little tired of episodes that don’t add anything new to the franchise. This is exactly how we all felt in 2001 when Enterprise came on the air after 14 years of Star Trek upon Star Trek.

For my viewing companion, however, things are different. He skipped the DS9 and Voyager year, and rejoined with a nostalgia for the classic TOS style stories – which is pretty much what he gets with Enterprise. What to me feels tiresome and old hat is exactly the kind of thing he wants from the show. We’ll wait and see how that translates to seasons three and four.

Points of Note

  • For highly trained and physically superior warriors, the Klingons are pretty easily thrashed in this episode. Remember that time in DS9 when everyone except Chief O’Brien was able to hold off a Klingon with a bat’leth? It’s a lot like that.
  • Thanks to T’Pol’s martial arts get-up, I am now contemplating writing some lesbian fan fiction.
  • T’Pol knows about both bat’leths and mek’leths.

Summary – Marauders: Enterprise does The Seven Samurai.

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