The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Singularity

Something’s not right with the crew of the Enterprise. Everyone seems to have become singularly focussed on a particular task – no matter how trivial. Only T’Pol seems unaffected, but can she figure out what’s going on and save the ship on her own?

At last, we have come across an episode of Enterprise that I wholeheartedly enjoy. The story is very TOS-like; mysterious radiation affects the crew in increasingly serious ways, and it’s up to the captain and his Vulcan first officer to save the day. The episode gets the right combination of humour and tension, and manages to feel properly entertaining instead of just being a workmanlike going through the motions.

You are my obsession

  • Archer becomes determined to write the perfect preface for a biography of his father. At one point, he comes up with nineteen pages of content.
  • After Archer asks him to adjust the captain’s chair, Trip becomes determined to create the best chair ever. He considers adding interactive displays, personalised contours and even a cup holder. This is quite possibly one of Enterprise’s most entertaining story threads.
  • Malcolm gets permission to instigate new security protocols on the ship, but takes things a bit too far. He does, however, design the precursor for Starfleet’s Red Alert, jokingly named “Reed Alert”.
  • Phlox becomes obsessed with curing Travis’ headache. Only a Vulcan nerve pinch stops him from lobotomising the ensign in the name of medicine.
  • After Chef gets sick, Hoshi decides to cook a family recipe for the crew, but when Malcolm says it’s a bit salty, she commits herself to perfecting the taste.
  • Thanks to Phlox’s ministrations, Travis does not get the chance to develop an obsession of his own – consistent with his generic everyman character.

Other points

  • Just like Kirk, Archer is able to use his “strength of the captain” special power to fight off the effects of the radiation and help T’Pol save the day.
  • As per usual, Vulcans turn out to be immune to the affliction affecting the rest of the ship. She joins Spock, Data, Seven of Nine and The Doctor as “the one who can save the ship”.
  • Will Enterprise leave some sort of warning buoy to inform other travellers of the dangers of this singularity? It seems a bit irresponsible not to do so.

Summary – Singularity: Good old-fashioned TOS-esque fun.

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