The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Vanishing Point

Following an emergency transport back to Enterprise, Hoshi doesn’t feel quite right. She is convinced that her molecules haven’t been reassembled correctly, and in due course, it seems like she might be right. As Hoshi loses her ability to interact with the ship and crew, is there any way to alert them that she might still be alive?

Having gone to the effort of producing one really enjoyable episode, Enterprise slides back into mediocrity here. This episode is the bastard lovechild of Remember Me and The Next Phase, and doesn’t add much to the franchise. Yes, I’m glad of the opportunity to see Hoshi take centre stage, but how can I settle down and enjoy the episode when I know it’s all taking place in her mind? I can’t recall if I liked it more when I didn’t know what the twist would be, but as it stands, this episode loses way too much on subsequent viewings. I don’t have to worry about how Hoshi will be rescued, because I know she doesn’t actually need saving. There’s no jeopardy from aliens sabotaging the ship, because I know those aliens aren’t real.

There is one memorable moment I do take away from this episode, however. When Phlox is telling Archer and T’Pol about Hoshi’s bioscans, it looks like they are alone in the room – then the camera focuses on Hoshi, sitting forlornly on one of the sickbay consoles.

Points of Note

  • Trip says that he has never been through the transporter before. Whilst it’s true that he has never been through a Starfleet transporter, he was transported by the repair station in Dead Stop.

Summary – Vanishing Point: Where’s Hoshi?

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