The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: The Catwalk

With a neutron storm approaching, the Enterprise crew’s only hope of survival is to take shelter in the catwalks within each warp nacelle. Space is at a premium, and with eight days to wait it out, tempers soon fray – especially as a group of unsociable aliens has also joined the crew.

In an alternate universe, The Catwalk would be the story of Captain Archer’s attempt to become a model in order to escape an alien planet. As it stands, it’s an episode which starts well, but which soon falls into the usual lazy Enterprise storytelling.

As the episode began, I was hopeful. Yes, characters having to put up with each other in close quarters is nothing new, but it felt like a good opportunity to do something a little different. Unfortunately, what we then get are aliens who aren’t who they say they are, followed by someone trying to take over Enterprise – again. It’s amazing that humanity became so open and friendly, given how much trouble this first mission has run into. After what’s happened to the Enterprise crew in this first eighteen months, I’d expect humanity to be deeply suspicious of all alien life forms.

Franchise nods

  • T’Pol mentions the kahs-wan ritual, the survival test that all Vulcan children must undergo.
  • The first Vulcan ambassador to Earth was Solkar, who is Spock’s great-grandfather.

Points of Note

  • Why is the Enterprise crew so obsessed with camping? I can understand wanting to experience the great outdoors, but after being aboard a starship I think I’d want five-star accommodation.
  • Archer asks T’Pol if she has ever gone camping – didn’t she effectively camp out with everyone for a bit in Rogue Planet?
  • Did anyone clean their teeth during those eight days in the catwalks?
  • This is the only time “Chef” actually appears on screen, although even here we don’t see his face.

Summary – The Catwalk: Archer does his little turn on the catwalk.

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