The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Cease Fire

When a dispute over a colony flares up between the Vulcans and the Andorians, Captain Archer is called in as a fair and neutral mediator. But with the Vulcans slow to trust a human, and the Andorians quick to pull the trigger, Archer will have his work cut for him to find a compromise that will satisfy both sides.

I really want to like the Andorian stories. They feel like the one thing Enterprise can really bring to the table, in terms of exploring a nominally important Star Trek race that previously got very little screen time. And yet, with Cease Fire, as with various other Andorian episodes, I find it hard pressed to see why I should care. Yes, I was excited when Shran showed up at the start and asked for Archer, but from then on, things swiftly went downhill.

Instead of an intense and complicated situation, the whole thing boils down to a lot of tedious scenes of characters shooting at each other. And the solution couldn’t be simpler – all the aggression and discontent can just be resolved by arresting Tarah, the archetypal “no peace in our time” character. I adore Suzie Plakson as a Star Trek guest star, but this is probably her least interesting role.

Points of Note

  • Archer’s words to Phlox about humanity joining a greater community is obvious foreshadowing of the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

Summary – Cease Fire: “Captain, your presence here has not been… overly meddlesome.”

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