The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Canamar

During an away mission, Archer and Trip are wrongfully arrested for smuggling, and put on a transport to the penal colony of Canamar. But before T’Pol can get them released, their transport is hijacked by an escaped prisoner, forcing Archer to go along with the plot if he wants to survive.

Like many other Enterprise episodes, Canamar is not outright bad, it just brings us nothing original. It’s perfectly watchable and mildly entertaining, just utterly predictable at the same time. I actually found myself wishing that I was watching The Chute instead, which is a far better prison episode.

Canamar tropes

  • The prisoner insurrection is led by a man who was originally innocent, but was turned into a villain by the overly authoritarian system.
  • Archer is able to talk the main villain into trusting him and Trip.
  • Trip gets annoyed with a slightly camp and ultimately harmless prisoner, which ultimately results in said prisoner messing up his plans.
  • The main villain’s second-in-command is a tough but none-too-bright thug.

Franchise nods

  • Latinum is mentioned as a desirable item for smuggling.
  • The Cardassian dish tojal is mentioned – this was briefly referenced in DS9.

Other points

  • Trip is fortunate that the Nausicaan is vulnerable to being struck across the back. One can easily imagine that Nausicaans might have shoulder plating or be otherwise invulnerable there, given how tough they are.
  • Why did Archer admit that the system he was working with was the subspace transmitter? I guess he might have lost Kuroda’s trust if he was caught in a lie, and decided to stick to as close a story to the truth as he could – even if it meant that the transmitter got destroyed.

Summary – Canamar: If you come at the Nausicaan, you’d better not miss.

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