The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Anomaly

When an alien ship attacks Enterprise and steals vital fuel and supplies, Archer is determined to track them down and get everything back. But with spatial anomalies all around, finding the aliens will not be easy.

If last episode felt a bit like Voyager’s Workforce, then this one resembles The Void, or Concerning Flight minus the da Vinci elements. Even the ship that attack Enterprise looks like an armoured version of the USS Voyager.

Much of the episode is inoffensive, if not particularly engaging. But unfortunately, it also contains a big dose of Arsehole Archer. Just like Janeway in Equinox, Archer decides it’s perfectly fine to torture a prisoner if it means getting intelligence, and that leaves me feeling awkward. Star Trek should be gloriously naive and optimistic about the future, and the captain should be its moral centre. DS9 and Voyager already stretched that paradigm in both good and bad ways, but ultimately I liked Sisko and Janeway. I just can’t warm to Archer, and he’s making himself more unlikeable by the episode.

Franchise nods

  • Malcolm remarks on a large collection of stem bolts inside the sphere. Stem bolts of the self-sealing variety were a popular commodity on DS9.

Other observations

  • Phlox essentially blackmails Trip into going back to T’Pol for more massage. This storyline makes me feel pretty uneasy.
  • There’s an attempt to start giving the MACOs individual names and personalities, but for the moment I just don’t care.
  • Trip asks “where’s Isaac Newton when you need him?”. I don’t think classical Newtonian physics is of much use where warp drive is concerned.
  • The Enterprise now has a brig.
  • Does no one bother to encrypt their databases in the 22nd century?
  • Is Hoshi a translator, a computer hacker, or a cryptographer? She seems to perform all these roles.
  • Crewman Fuller, who we never knew or cared about, is the first casualty of Enterprise’s mission.

Summary – Anomaly: Its mediocrity is not an anomaly.

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