The Declaration, Chapter 20

So it turns out I was wrong. Mrs Sharpe still has a role to play after all, and it starts with her getting approached as soon as she returns home. Nothing good can come of this.

Meanwhile, Anna and Peter have been steadily walking deeper into London.

Anna watched Peter in silent admiration as he worked out their direction of travel.”

Yes, we get it. Peter is amazing.

Anna could only follow, abandoning any desire for control.”

Okay, I get that Peter should be in charge here since he knows London and she doesn’t, but even so, it just continues the trend of Anna becoming useless when Peter is around.

They walk some more and reach Anna’s parents’ house. Then the lazy scene ending trope kicks in as Anna faints for no reason.

We switch back to Mrs Sharpe, who is being interrogated by Chief Catcher Mr Roper.

…all the calls we’ve had saying that young people were seen in your garden.”

So I was right to worry about that.

Mr Roper asks some questions, and then threatens Mrs Sharpe with jail time and the withdrawal of her Longevity. Without the drug, she will age rapidly and be dead within three months.

Mrs Sharpe tries to pull the “my husband is important” card again, only to find out that Mr Sharpe has been suspended from his job and had his assets frozen. Then the Catchers find Peter and Anna’s old overalls, and the game is up.

Forgive me, Anna, she said silently. I’m sorry I’m not stronger. But I’m not ready to die – not yet. I’ve got too much to lose.”

Hang on, weren’t you bemoaning how dull and empty your life was? Well, I guess I can’t blame Mrs Sharpe for not wanting to risk her reasonably comfortable life for a couple of kids she barely knows. It’s a miracle that she was so helpful in the first place.

Whilst Mrs Sharpe spills her guts to the Catchers, Anna has a good hugging and crying session with her mum. At last, she’s safe. But for how long?

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