The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Rajiin

Whilst trading for supplies in a marketplace, Archer is approached by a slave girl who wants him to buy her freedom. Archer rescues the girl and takes her back to Enterprise, unaware that she is an enemy spy with nefarious motives.

When, oh when, am I going to be able to say something good about Enterprise season three? We round off the first disc of the new season with another episode of questionable quality, this one banking on the sex appeal of its guest star. And whilst I’m not immune to said sex appeal, I’m also not blind to the paper thin plot. In another universe, Rajiin could have been the tale of an abused slave girl who stays on board Enterprise and slowly learns the meaning of freedom and autonomy. Instead, she’s a villainous femme fatale who seduces several crew members, before leaving to stand in front of the Xindi Council of Evil.

Since I haven’t done one of these in a while, let’s set out what’s good and bad about this episode.

The Good

  • Rajiin on T’Pol action is possibly the sexiest thing I’ve seen on Enterprise.
  • It’s great that the crew are able to buy what they need just by trading some spices. One person’s commonplace is another’s exotic.
  • The marketplace is a lively and interesting location.

The Bad

  • The Xindi Council of Evil is still sitting around discussing evil. This is the tropiest of tropes.
  • Even my viewing companion has noticed how much of an arsehole Archer has become this season. He talks to T’Pol after she wakes up as if it was her fault Rajiin attacked her, and doesn’t give her any time to recover before setting her a new task.
  • Why is it always sexy slave girls? Where’s the alien market for sexy slave men?

Plus a Question

  • Why doesn’t Archer just pay for Rajiin instead of starting a fight? How is it that the crew are able to return to the marketplace without either Zjod marching over and demanding payment, or the marketplace officials telling them that they’ve been banned for rowdy behaviour?
  • In fact, why doesn’t Archer try to buy all the girls and end slavery, only to realise that the problem is far bigger than he can hope to tackle? That’s the kind of optimism I want from my Starfleet captains.

Summary – Rajiin: What this world needs is Rajiin X T’Pol fanfic.

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