The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Chosen Realm

Whilst investigating another of the spheres within the Expanse, Enterprise is approached by a group of religious zealots. The Triannons worship the spheres, and are also in the middle of a holy war against heretics on their home planet – a war which they believe they can win by hijacking Enterprise.

Chosen Realm begins promisingly enough, with further hints that we might find out more about the mysterious spheres. Unfortunately, it then turns into a tiresome story about religious zealots taking over the ship. Thanks to DS9, I’ve had my fill of religious zealots, and I’m probably also at the limit for storylines about villains taking over the ship. It should be refreshing to have a story that isn’t directly about the Xindi, but instead it feels like a fall back to the tiresomely unoriginal season two.

Points of Note

  • I really hope Archer or T’Pol has a hidden backup of data on the spheres and anomalies.

Aside: Future Guy

Let’s take a moment to discuss Future Guy. His identity is never revealed in the series, but ten years after Enterprise finished, Brannon Braga claimed that it was future Archer, manipulating his own past. This was never the original intent – at one point Future Guy was supposed to be a Romulan -and it may just be a non-canon throwaway line, but let’s discuss it anyway.

Imagine a timeline where the NX-01 mission never happened – where Enterprise the series doesn’t exist. In this timeline, enemies like the Suliban and the Xindi never even make first contact with humanity – or if they do, it’s a subdued and uneventful affair.

Now enter Future Archer. He’s an embittered old man who never saw his father’s warp five engine get the place in history it deserved. He somehow comes across the technology to project himself into the past, and uses the power to alter history such that Enterprise is launched and the events of the series occur. It’s unclear how this ties in with the Xindi conflict, or the ability to dole out genetic enhancements to the Suliban, but I think it’s an interesting train of thought.

Summary – Chosen Realm: Quite dull, all things considered.

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