The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Proving Ground

Whilst tracking down the Xindi weapon, Enterprise receives an unexpected offer of help from Andorian Commander Shran. Shran and his crew seem willing to assist Enterprise both with repairs and recovery of the Xindi weapon, but do they have an ulterior motive?

At last, a decent episode of Enterprise. It’s far from perfect, but after the snoozefest of the last batch of episodes, it’s nice to have something that’s genuinely engaging. This is more like what I want from the series; we have a solid story, and one that properly uses the Andorians. Where the other Andorian stories didn’t quite hit the mark for me, this one feels a lot stronger. On the whole, I like the interactions between the Andorians and the Enterprise crew; yes, we know that they can’t be fully trusted, but we can still enjoy them working together.

Character notes

  • Is Archer’s final move to remotely detonate the weapon in keeping with the Starfleet way? It feels more like part of season three’s grey morality, where anything goes if it means stopping the Xindi.
  • The way Malcolm pervertedly leers at Talas is really creepy. Why is it that it feels like we only have these attractive women on the show so that Malcolm can perv over them? We also have to put up with Shran perving over T’Pol in her civilian attire.
  • Malcolm and Talas’s working relationship reminded me of O’Brien and Rejal in Destiny.

Other points

  • As usual, the Xindi are sitting round their table of evil, plotting evil things.
  • Since they clearly didn’t have any hidden backups, T’Pol and Hoshi are only able to reconstruct 30% of the data that was deleted in the previous episode.
  • How did Enterprise manage to track the modified kemocite across the vastness of space? Does it send out an extremely strong signal, or were they just lucky enough to stumble across its signature at exactly the right time?

Summary – Proving Ground: An episode I enjoyed! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

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