The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Azati Prime

Enterprise has finally reached Azati Prime, where the Xindi weapon is nearing completion. Whilst Archer is devising a plan to put a stop to the weapon, Daniels shows up to warn him that the Xindi are mere puppets of the true enemy – the people who built the spheres that exist throughout the Expanse.

Up until now, we’ve been led to believe that destroying the Xindi weapon would be the ultimate goal of Enterprise’s season three mission. Now, we’ve made it to the weapon with six episodes to spare, and it turns out there’s more to the story. The Xindi aren’t the real enemy – in fact, in a few centuries, they’ll be our friends. Of course, the primates and fuzzy arboreals will be the easiest to win over, with the reptiles and insectoids remaining evil for a few more episodes, as you’d expect from people who don’t look like us.

I guess Azati Prime is a functional episode, but it’s not one that I found especially exciting. Archer finally realises that he’s been an arsehole all season, and tries to make a noble sacrifice to compensate. Of course, he doesn’t die, but his needling of his reptilian captors is quite amusing.

The cliffhanger finale, in which Enterprise is badly damaged, is suitably dramatic, but the rest of the episode isn’t nearly so engaging. There’s a bit too much guidance from the future for the story to feel like it unfolds naturally, and I think we all know that Archer isn’t going to die here.

Points of Note

  • By now it is clear that all is not right with T’Pol. We see her injecting an unknown substance, and her emotional control is almost non-existent by this point.
  • The Xindi weapon is for use and deployment in space, so why is it being built underwater? The high pressure and potential for rust makes this a very different environment to the vacuum of space.
  • If I were Degra, I don’t think I’d be quick to forgive Archer for merrily playing around with my memories.
  • If the future Expanse is 50,000 light years across in the 26th century, doesn’t that mean it occupies a large swathe of the galaxy? Presumably this is in a timeline distinct from either the one seen in other Trek series, or maybe even the one Daniels originated from.
  • According to Daniels, the Klingons will eventually join the Federation.
  • In fact, remember when Daniels specifically made an effort not to let slip that kind of information about the future? Now, anything goes.
  • Why do the Sphere Builders need to convert our galaxy to their specifications? They could choose a region between galaxies.

Summary – Azati Prime: Will Enterprise survive? Tune in next time to find out, or just guess the correct answer right now.


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