Star Trek Discovery: Into the Forest I Go

Starfleet wants Discovery to fall back to safety, but Lorca has never been one to follow orders. With the help of Burnham, Stamets and the rest of the crew, he hatches a plan to defeat the Klingon cloaking technology and defend the planet of Pahvo.

Discovery is taking a break until the New Year (boo), which means we need a suitably dramatic episode to round off this half of the season. Into the Forest I Go certainly delivers on that front, with action aplenty – both on Discovery and on the Klingon Ship of the Dead. Yes, there are lots of points to question and nitpick, and we’ll get to them all of them later, but the overall impression is that this episode really packs a punch.

And then there’s that cliffhanger. Just where has Discovery ended up? Why are so many other ships there? Will it turn out to be the same place that Wesley and The Traveller took the Enterprise-D in Where No One Has Gone Before? I think we all knew that Stamets’ “just one more jump before retirement” was going to go badly, but we’ll have to wait until January 9th to find out exactly what happened.


  • Admiral Cornwell has finally made it back to Starfleet Command – with all that’s happened, will she remember to mention that she doesn’t think Lorca is fit for command?
  • Having previously been concerned that Tyler’s PTSD was going to be glossed over, I’m actually glad to see it picked up on here. I’m a little worried he’s going to dump Burnham for L’Rell, though.
  • When Tilly says there are 96 jumps to go, the monitor has already displayed Jump 38 – hence there can’t be more than 95 jumps to go at this point.


  • Given the stealth nature of Burnham and Tyler’s mission, why were the devices they planted so loud?
  • Given Tyler’s past with the Klingons, why was he sent on the mission in the first place? I guess that Lorca, as per usual, didn’t really care about Tyler’s wellbeing, and was just hoping to take advantage of his knowledge of Klingon ships.
  • Does Lorca really care about the data gathered from the jumps and the possibility of mapping parallel universes, or is he just dangling that carrot in front of Stamets to keep the chief engineer compliant?
  • Will it eventually be possible to use the spore network to jump between parallel universes in order to iron out the inconsistencies between Discovery and TOS? Might it even be possible to use it to jump in time as well as space?
  • What has L’Rell done to Tyler? Has he been programmed to betray Starfleet at a crucial juncture?
  • We know that Hugh is not the only medical officer aboard Discovery, so why is he assigned to monitor Stamets’ health? Surely it’s a conflict of interest, given that they’re a couple.

Summary – Into the Forest I Go: An action-packed episode complete with cliffhanger to keep us wondering over the Christmas break.

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