The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: The Council

Captain Archer finally has the chance to present his evidence to the Xindi Council. The primates and the arboreals are already on his side, but Archer needs to convince another species in order to stop the attack on Earth. But the aquatics are notoriously slow at coming to a decision, and the reptilians and insectoids seem unlikely to be persuaded. Can Archer really prove that the Sphere Builders are the real enemies before the Xindi launch their weapon?

Having not enjoyed any of the Xindi council scenes up to this point, it should come as no surprise that I wasn’t especially enthralled by this episode. There’s a lot more shouting in lieu of acting, mixed in with plot twists that anyone paying even a modicum of attention will spot. The reptilians are being agreeable all of a sudden – could this possibly mean that they’re about to betray someone and reveal their true agenda? Amazing.

There’s a B plot in which T’Pol leads a mission to investigate a sphere, with a redshirt MACO in tow who inevitably gets killed. I felt like the sphere story was going to be the most interesting aspect of season three, but here we are at episode 22 and it feels just as dull as everything else.

Franchise Nods

  • T’Pol quotes the famous Vulcan proverb, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.

Notes and Observations

  • I was actually growing to quite like Degra, but the instant Trip seemed ready to forgive him, it was clear that he was not long for this galaxy.
  • Malcolm really leers after Hawkins – clearly he’s lusting after some MACO action.

Summary – The Council: The reptilians have Hoshi!

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