The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Zero Hour

The reptilians have taken the weapon through a subspace vortex, and it’s only a matter of time before they make it to Earth. Whilst Archer leads a team to go after and save Earth, T’Pol takes Enterprise on a mission to disable the spheres and save the Expanse.

Well, here we are – we’ve finally made it to the end of the Xindi arc. Even though I haven’t cared much for this journey, I can at least remark that there’s plenty going on here. We have Archer aboard Degra’s ship, desperately exhorting poor Hoshi to stop moaning over the whole brain parasite thing and decrypt vital information on the weapon. Meanwhile, T’Pol is basically leading the mission to destroy the Death Star, aka Sphere 41. Fortunately for all concerned, given that we have so little time left to wrap up the storyline, this is a key sphere whose destruction will take down the entire Sphere network. You’d think they’d build more redundancy into these things.

Anyway, if you don’t want to think too much about the plot, you can just spend the time watching special effects and space battles. There’s even a bonus appearance from Commander Shran, for all you Andorian fans out there.

And then it’s all done and dusted – but just as you want a relief from the constant tension of season three, you find yourself stuck with a cliffhanger. Said cliffhanger was apparently a cunning move to pre-empt the potential cancellation of the show, but unfortunately it leaves us with yet another “aliens in Nazi Germany” storyline to look forward to. Can sci-fi as a whole just move on from this plot device already?

Notes and Observations

  • It’s just as well that the Federation charter signing ceremony took place in a hall with a special gallery for time travellers. Seriously, was security at this important event so lax that no one noticed or questioned past-Archer and Daniels suddenly showing up?

  • Is Archer really so important to the future of the Federation that it wouldn’t even exist without him? What’s that revelation going to do to his ego?

  • Similarly, without humanity, could no other alien race mount a defence against the Sphere Builders? The Vulcans are disadvantaged because of the whole Trellium-D psychosis issue, but surely Shran could have got the Andorians to do something. It’s as if the entire galaxy would fall apart without humanity to save it.

Summary – Zero Hour: At last, the Xindi arc is over. Bring on the alien Nazis!

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