The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Storm Front I + II

Enterprise has been sent back to 1944 – but not the 1944 they remember from the history books. In this timeline, Germany has invaded America, thanks to the help of an alien faction of the Temporal Cold War. But what T’Pol and the others don’t realise is that Captain Archer is alive and well down on the surface, and that he just might be the key to restoring the timeline.

I’m going to start this review with my viewing companion’s opinion. He says, “I don’t know what to think of this episode. On the one hand, it’s totally naff. On the other, it’s quite like TOS”.

I can certainly see where he’s coming from. This episode captures something of the flavour of Tomorrow is Yesterday, The City on the Edge of Forever and Patterns of Force, and for sheer nostalgia reasons, one might look upon it favourably. But on the other hand, said viewing companion abstained from DS9 and Voyager, whereas in the last year I’ve watched both Past Tense and The Killing Game. Even though both of those were far from perfect, I still found them more enjoyable and engaging than Storm Front.

As I said in my previous review, the alien Nazi plot was never something I wanted to revisit, and I don’t think Storm Front was sufficiently good to change my mind. As for the Temporal Cold War – in all honesty I would rather have forgotten it existed than have it dragged back to the forefront. I’ll grudgingly put up with temporal paradoxes for one-off stories here and there, but making it a series-long arc is just too big a headache for me. It was bad enough when it was Daniels and the Temporal Agents versus Future Guy and the Suliban, without adding in first the Sphere Builders, and then Vosk and his people. It’s amazing there’s anything left of the timeline by this point.

Notes and Observations

  • One thing I did enjoy was the character of Alicia Travers – it’s always good to have a strong female character in a “past Earth” episode. Although arguably her insistence on not leaving her home wasn’t the most tactically sound decision.
  • J Paul Boehmer played a Nazi officer both here and in The Killing Game.
  • What happened to the hamburger Carmine gave to Alicia? She had to discard it to get past the Nazi officers, but I hope someone came back to collect it later – otherwise that rare treat will have just gone to waste.

Summary – Storm Front: The fourth and final season is here!

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