The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Cold Station 12

Dr Soong and the Augments are on a mission – to rescue the 1800 genetically enhanced embryos from the Federation research facility on Cold Station 12. But where Soong is averse to actually hurting anyone, the leader of the Augments has no such compunctions. Will Enterprise be able to reach Cold Station 12 before too many lives are lost?

The middle instalment in a three episode arc always has a tough job. It has to maintain the tension from the dramatic setting in part one, but not give away too much in advance of the big finale in part three. Fortunately, Cold Station 12 manages to do a respectable job.

There are still plenty of tropes floating around. Malik remains cocky and arrogant with a tendency towards violence, and you just know that his respect for his ‘father’ is only going to go so far. This episode also introduces Udar, a failed Augment who plays much the same role as Alexander in Plato’s Stepchildren – to be a friend and ally to the main cast.

I’m going to save the big debate on the merits or otherwise of genetic engineering until my review of the next episode, so all there is to say for now is that Cold Station 12 has built us up nicely to the upcoming finale. And of course, Brent Spiner remains excellent.

Franchise nods

  • The deadly diseases stored at Cold Station 12 have all been mentioned in previous Star Trek series.

Notes and Observations

  • This episode marks the first on-screen appearance of Phlox’s penpal, Dr Jeremy Lucas. Dr Lucas is a surprisingly feisty old man, even letting a colleague die rather than giving the Augments access to the embryos. He changes his tune when Phlox’s life is in danger, however – what did he have against his other colleague?
  • Udar’s mother is said to be an Olympic decathlete. As of 2017 (over twenty years since the supposed Eugenics Wars), no such event exists – at least, not in our timeline.

Summary – Cold Station 12: Don’t trust the Augments!

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