The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Awakening

Archer and T’Pol have found the Syrannites, but along the way Archer has gained an unexpected mental passenger – the katra of Surak himself. Whilst the Syrannites try to come to terms with this sequence of events, Trip must pit Enterprise against a Vulcan fleet when the High Command decides to make its move.

Again, what we have in Awakening is an enjoyable episode, but one with both good and bad elements. I’m still enjoying the Vulcan setting, Soval is the most interesting he’s been in years, and the interactions with the Syrannites are good. Yes, it’s pure fan pandering, but I’m enjoying this younger and feistier T’Pau. I also really like T’Pol’s mother as a character, which just makes it more of a wrench when she’s killed. What is it with this season and killing off recurring characters? Daniels may or may not be dead (depending on timelines), Silik and Forrest and gone, and now we’ve lost T’Les as well. It’s amazing Dr Lucas didn’t cop it too (in fact, before I started rewatching this season, I didn’t think he survived the Augments arc). Of course, all of this pales in comparison with the events of the series finale, but more on that when we get there.

But still, we have the parts that aren’t so good. I guess it has to be simplified for the sake of fitting the story into the time allowed, but we’re being presented with a situation where V’Las is being set up to be the root of all evil, such that his removal from power will solve the problem of the corrupt High Command and let everything proceed smoothly. Sadly, if the nuances of political power on Vulcan and the consequences of a change in regime are to be explored anywhere, it’s not in these episodes.

The other dubious point is the existence of the MacGuffin Kir’shara, the magical artefact which is going to fix everything in the next epsiode. But like I said, nuance and complexity is not on the cards here.

Notes and Observations

  • I forgot to note in my previous blog that Soval has revealed himself to be capable of mind melding. Of course, eventually every Vulcan will learn how to do it, but he’s ahead of the game.
  • I wonder if the pace of Vulcan development has been slower than that of humanity because they have such long lifespans. Why hurry to finish projects when you’ve got 250-odd years to get around to it?
  • Surak makes a reference to the dissidents who would later leave Vulcan and found the Romulan Star Empire.

Summary – Awakening: Who will put a stop to V’Las?

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