The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Kir’Shara

Archer, T’Pol and T’Pau have found the Kir’Shara, but their mission is not yet over – they must safely bring it back to Vulcan High Command. Meanwhile, Enterprise has rushed to Andoria to prevent V’Las from starting a war.

Having enjoyed the first two parts of this trilogy, I have to admit that Kir’Shara is a bit of an anticlimax. As with The Augments, the aim here is to take all the dramatic set up of the first two episodes, and quickly tie everything up into a nice little package. We have but a single episode for Archer, T’Pol and T’Pau to trek all the way back to High Command, whilst Trip and Enterprise deal with the potential attack on Andoria – a plot point that was only introduced at the end of the previous episode. I understand we had to up the stakes, but I would have preferred to focus more on the Syrannite story for the entire trilogy, instead of suddenly bringing in the Andorians – not to mention the accompanying Soval torture porn.

Notes and Observations

  • At the end of the episode, we learn that V’Las was in league with the Romulans, and was working towards reunification with them – although presumably of a less peaceful nature than the unification Spock has in mind 200 years later. Had Enterprise been renewed for another season, this would have taken the show up to the time of the first Romulan War, and this reveal would have led nicely into that.
    On the other hand, to retain continuity with TOS, all communications in the first Romulan War would have had to have been conducted over subspace radio. It’s hard to see how this would have made for a gripping narrative. Maybe a season long Hunt for Red October storyline?
  • T’Pol is cured of her Pa’nar syndrome in this episode. To be honest, after playing a key role in Stigma, Pa’nar syndrome really took a backseat to her trellium addiction.
  • T’Pol’s pointless marriage to Koss is also annulled. It’s almost like the entire marriage was just so Koss could be vaguely useful a couple of times in this arc, whilst T’Pol and Trip could have some awkward moments.

Summary – Kir’Shara: One magical artefact could transform Vulcan society forever!

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