The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Babel One

Enterprise has an important diplomatic mission – to transport the Tellarite Ambassador to peace talks with their old adevrsaries, the Andorians. But when they stop to come to the rescue of Andorian Commander Shran, they learn that his ship was attacked – by Tellarites. Can Enterprise get to the bottom of what happened before their Andorian and Tellarite passengers tear each other apart?

Babel One kicks off a new trilogy of episodes, as Enterprise starts pulling towards the birth of the Federation. This is a strong start to the arc, with Andorians and Tellarites aplenty, plus a bonus alien race in the form of the Romulans. Most of this episode is set up, but there’s plenty of it – and a whole host of franchise nods too.

Franchise Nods

  • Babel is of course the location of the peace conference in Journey to Babel. Kirk also had to transport Andorians and Tellarites to a conference, whilst dealing with an alien plot.

Notes and Observations

  • You knew Talas had her cards marked when Shran said they had got together. No one is ever allowed happiness in TV drama!
  • Trip recalls that Malcolm said T’Pol had a “nice bum” way back in Shuttlepod One.
  • The holographic projector ship is pretty advanced technology for the 22nd century, especially given that it doesn’t appear again.

Summary – Babel One: Journey to Babel, the prequel.

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