The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: The Aenar

Enterprise has figured out that the drone is being controlled by a powerful telepath – with a mental signal very similar to that of the Andorians. Shran realises that the Romulans must have an Aenar – a reclusive subspecies of Andorians – and he and Archer journey to the Aenars’ frozen home to unravel the mystery and figure out a way to fight back.

With the last two trilogies, the concluding episode felt a bit rushed and anticlimactic – simply too much had been built up to be able to resolve it all gracefully. Fortunately, The Aenar does a much better job. Malcolm and Trip have already been rescued, the Tellarites have been sent home, and all duels of honour are over, letting this episode focus on just one thing – puttig a stop to the Romulan drone. To that end, we have just two distinct threads here: T’Pol and Trip trying to build their own ‘telepresence unit’ to counter the drone, and Archer and Shran visiting the telepathic Aenar.

The episode is well done, and I enjoyed both of these storylines. The Aenar are an interesting concept, and I was never going to say no to a visit to Andoria, supposedly one of the most important planets in the Federation, but never before seen on screen. The character interaction is good, and the episode doesn’t overreach, ensuring a satisfactory conclusion.

Aenar Factbox

The Aenar are a subspecies of the Andorians. They dwell in the far north of the planet, and were so cut-off from the rest of Andorian society that they were believed to either be extinct or merely a myth until an encounter fifty years ago.

Physically, the Aenar differ from the Andorians in several ways. They have paler, white skin and notches in their antennae. All Aenar are blind, instead relying on their innate, powerful telepathy, which is said to be stronger than that of a Vulcan.

Notes and Observations

  • Trip’s awkward post break-up relationship with T’Pol sees him requesting a transfer to the NX-02 at the end of this episode.
  • The name ‘telepresence unit’ makes it sound like the device in question is for holding video conferences.

Summary – The Aenar: A visit to Andoria – where it’s frozen even in the heights of summer.

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