The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: Demons

As Earth prepares to begin talks that may lead to the formation of a “Coalition of Planets”, not everyone is happy. A xenophobic faction known as Terra Prime has been working behind the scenes to disrupt the talks, and part of their plan involves the creation of a Vulcan/human hybrid from Trip and T’Pol’s DNA.

I don’t really like this two-parter, and I was certainly not looking forward to it. In many ways, this should be an important story – a classic Star Trek morality play about xenophobia and fear of progress that makes us think about our present human condition. Even today, twelve years after the episode aired, scaremongering about immigration and fear of the different remains depressingly prevalent. When Greaves complains that “humanity is becoming an endangered species”, it sounds a lot like the modern complaint that “straight white men are the most oppressed group there is”. With all that in mind, surely Demons has something thoughtful and relevant to say.

And yet somehow, it doesn’t quite work out. The bulk of the episode is dull and uninspiring, whilst the T’Pol/Trip clone baby storyline is just perplexing. I can’t remember if it makes more sense after part two, but currently it seems like Terra Prime created the very thing they hate most to demonstrate – what? That humans and Vulcans could have children and the galaxy wouldn’t come to a grinding halt, so actually it’s fine?

Franchise Nods

  • Paxton is an admirer of Colonel Green, a notorious despot from World War III. A copy of him appeared in The Savage Curtain.

Notes and Observations

  • Given that the baby was made from their DNA, Trip and T’Pol should have realised that they would likely be recognised if they infiltrated the lunar colony. They should have sent someone completely unremarkable instead.
  • Poor Travis. He finally gets it on with a woman, and it turns out that she’s evil. Better luck next time.

Summary – Demons: You can’t stop the inevitable rise of the Federation, no matter how xenophobic you are.

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