Unusual Fruit Review: White Sugarloaf Pineapple

Despite meaning to do several of these over the years, this is actually only my second Unusual Fruit Review. I can’t promise to do better in future, but I will at least try. Anyway, without further ado, let’s launch into this new product from Tesco, the White Sugarloaf Pineapple.

This product appeared in my local Tesco this week, and although I was duly intrigued, it took me a day or so to work up to paying £2.50 for a small tray of pineapple. As it turned out, no one else was willing to pay that either, so by the time I did purchase it, it was already down to half price.

The blurb on the packaging describes the product as “a unique pineapple variety with an exceptionally sweet flavour.” But is this a fair statement?

Well, not quite. It’s not that this variety of pineapple is exceptionally sweet, but more that it pretty much lacks the tartness of regular pineapple – you know, that stinging sharpness that tastes delicious even as it attacks your throat. So, without those notes, of course the only thing left for you to notice is the residual sweetness. Texture-wise, I’d also say that the white sugarloaf is a bit woodier than regular pineapple, although of course that’s something that varies greatly with ripeness.

If you like the idea of pineapple, but find the regular stuff a little too acidic for your tastes, then the white sugarloaf variety is probably a good choice. However, if the sharpness is the very thing you crave, then this pack simply won’t deliver.

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