Unusual Fruit Review: Flat Peaches

It’s been ten years since the flat peach was hailed by newspapers as a new summer sensation, but I still rate them as unusual enough to deserve their own review. Although I first had them from Sainsbury’s several years ago, the ones I’m reviewing today are from Tesco.

These peaches clearly aren’t selling too well for Tesco at the moment, as they have been reduced from £1.00 to 45p per pack both in store and online. Tesco guarantees a minimum of four peaches per pack, but mine came with a generous six peaches, so that’s a bargain 7.5p per peach.

It feels like good value, but you swiftly realise you’re getting far less peach for your money. Basically, instead of a roughly spherical object, you’re getting a disc of much the same radius.

The product listing on the Tesco website instructs you to ripen the peaches at room temperature, then stick them in the fridge and only bring them back up to room temperature when you’re ready to eat them. Since I favour simplicity, I just stuck them in the fridge and ate them straight from there. Hence the one I’ve tried so far was a little underripe, and it’s possible that over time they could mature into something a lot sweeter and fuller flavoured.

The interior flesh of the peach is very pale. It took me about four bites to eat the whole thing, and the experience was unremarkable. The shape makes it perhaps a bit more convenient to eat than a conventional peach, but it’s not nearly as tasty.

If you don’t favour the furry skin of the peach, it does seem to be possible to splash out on a pack of flat nectarines instead. I’m not sure I’ll bother.

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