Unusual Fruit Review: Blood Nectarines

One of the brands you can get through Ocado is Natoora fruit and veg, a range of wanky rare varieties that typically cost more than your average supermarket produce. Although I’m by no means rich enough to live exclusively off Natoora products, I have occasionally bought their blood oranges in the past. Other than that, I tend to wait until I’m tempted in by an offer.

So it was with these blood nectarines. I was never going to spend the full £3.80 to get just two nectarines, but a half price flash sale convinced me to spend a less ludicrous £1.90, in the hopes of being able to get an unusual food review out of it. The question is, was it worth it?

Blood nectarines in a box of wood shavings

You know you’re getting something special when your fruit arrives in a box of wood shavings. To be honest, nice as it looks, this packaging already presents an issue – wood might seem environmentally friendlier than plastic, but you can’t put it in the recycling bin, so it’s just extra waste.

Anyway, let’s look at the fruit itself. As you can see, they are darker and redder than your average nectarine, hence the ‘blood’ name. Cutting them open revealed a delightful red and white mottled flesh. Even better, the flesh came away from the stone easily.

Blood nectarine cut in half, revealing red and white flesh

Still, all that’s secondary to the most important factor – taste. Usually on these reviews, I conclude that the speciality fruit or veg isn’t as good as the regular variety. I appreciate that there might be an element of just being used to a particular taste, but given how pricey these alternative versions are, there’s neither motive nor opportunity to get habituated to them.

In the case of the blood nectarine, however, I can be entirely positive about the taste. I ate both of these at medium ripeness, so they were still firm enough to be easily cut, but as sweet and juicy as a regular nectarine would be at full ripeness. They’re slightly larger than regular nectarines too, so you get a fair amount of fruit for your money. Only having two per pack is also a good thing, since whenever I buy a full punnet of fruit I rarely finish it before it goes bad.

That being said, unless money is no issue for you, I can’t really recommend switching to blood nectarines. If you can get them on sale, then yes, they make a nice occasional treat. But if you were to pay full price and eat one every day, that’s £13.30 per week on nectarines. Unless you’re a massive nectarine fan, that’s quite the outlay.

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