The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: Love And/Or Marriage

With Secretariat proving to be a big hit at the box office, BoJack decides to live the movie star lifestyle by demanding free drinks and crashing a wedding rehearsal. Meanwhile, Diane visits one of Princess Carolyn’s clients, only to end up getting high on ‘Gush’.

After the delightful diversion of the previous episode, BoJack gets back to its stock in trade here, with an episode packed with sharp dialogue and character moments. Everyone gets something to do in the episode, and there are plenty of threads which will be pulled through to future episodes. Without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

Character arcs

  • BoJack starts the episode beset with anxiety. If Secretariat is a flop, it would reflect badly on him and crush his Oscar hopes. If it goes well, the pressure of public attention and expectations will all be too much.
    As it turns out, as soon as the movie is revealed to be going down well with audiences, BoJack immediately slips into the movie star lifestyle. He ends up gatecrashing a wedding rehearsal, only for his potted speech about knowing when you’ve found “the one” to cause one of the brides to have second thoughts and almost cancel the wedding.
    BoJack does ultimately fix the situation, but it’s a reminder of both how influential his celebrity makes him, and how even a casual, offhand action can have serious consequences.
  • Princess Carolyn is massively busy at her new job, so much so that her assistant arranges three dates for her on her only night off. Two of the dates are disastrous, but the third actually ends up going well. Still, her assistant’s slavish devotion does come across as a bit creepy.
    Diane and Mr Peanutbutter are trying their best with marriage counselling, but it doesn’t seem to work too well. Mr Peanutbutter spends most of the session talking about whatever pops into his head, while Diane finds it impossible to open up.
    Things take a turn, however, when Diane’s job means she has to go to a client’s house for a party. As it turns out, the client actually wanted a completely different Diane, but by the time she realises this, she’s already high on a new drug called ‘Gush’. Under the influence of the drug, she is finally able to be honest with Mr Peanutbutter, opening up about how she loves his positive outlook, and even his tendency to do random, crazy things.
    We already knew that Mr Peanutbutter’s optimism is what drew Diane to him, and under the influence of the drugs, the things that annoy and frustrate her about the relationship pale in comparison to the positives. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of Mr Peanutbutter or his marriage to Diane, but I love the detail put into this relationship. We know that there they things they adore about each other, and also things they find difficult or just don’t understand. In moderation, Mr Peanutbutter’s cheeriness is uplifting and energising to Diane, but because he never switches it off, it can also become grating. Mr Peanutbutter admires Diane’s intellect and drive, but sometimes feels left behind when she’s chasing after her next goal. The question remains as to whether they can find a mutually acceptable compromise that will leave them both happy in the long run.
  • Todd is reunited with Emily, his high school girlfriend. Emily is clearly still attracted to Todd, and wouldn’t mind some intimate time, but Todd doesn’t seem interested. This is another plot line that’s building towards something, so I’ll wait until a future episode to talk more about it.

First appearance

  • Ralph Stilton: this softly spoken mouse ends up on a not-date with Princess Carolyn, but it goes so well that they decide to see each other again, schedules permitting.

Plot setup

What will we see picked up in future episodes?

  • The episode ends with Diane finding out she’s pregnant. Obviously a bombshell like that isn’t dropped unless there’s going to be some future resolution.
  • Todd’s clear reluctance to go “all the way” with Emily.
  • Todd’s idea for a ride-sharing app that just serves women.
  • Diane and Mr Peanutbutter’s plans to visit the Peanutbutter family on the Labrador peninsula.

Other notes

  • When Diane returns home, the glowing effects and animation quirks that signify her drug high spread into the house.
  • Dr Janet is voiced by Lorraine Bracco, who plays Tony’ psychiatrist Dr Melfi on The Sopranos.

Additional resources

Enjoy the BoJack soundtrack on Spotify.

Summary – Love And/Or Marriage: “My enjoyment didn’t come from a place of sincere admiration. It was more like, What an ill-conceived television show.”

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