The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: Best Thing That Ever Happened

When BoJack fires Princess Carolyn during a dinner meeting, it’s no holds barred as the pair express all their thoughts and frustrations about their relationship. Along the way, BoJack also ends up firing his restaurant’s head chef, leading to chaos in the kitchen.

An animated show with lots of established locations doesn’t really need to do a bottle show, but nonetheless BoJack Horseman plays with the format here, bringing us an episode whose present day sections are set entirely in and around BoJack’s restaurant, Elefante. Within these confines, the show explores two of its strengths – deep emotional exploration, and zany accompanying antics.

On the emotional side, we have a deep dive into BoJack and Princess Carolyn’s relationship, both and past and present. Disappointed with having lost the Kelsey job because of his agent’s behind-the-scenes machinations, BoJack has decided enough is enough – Princess Carolyn is fired. With the client-agent relationship gone, the gloves are off, and each is free to speak their mind.

For Princess Carolyn, losing BoJack is a huge blow, especially now that Vim is struggling. Running a company has turned out to be both very different to being an agent, and much harder than she hoped. Getting fired feels like a poor reward for all the years she kept BoJack as a client and looked out for him.

BoJack’s defensive response is that looking after him wasn’t a trial for Princess Carolyn – having situations to resolve and people to look after is what she thrives on. We saw Princess Carolyn admit as much herself last season, when she told Diane “I compulsively take care of other people when I don’t know how to take care of myself”. For all that he’s hit the mark, however, BoJack is really only covering for his own guilt – not just for the firing, but the fear that Princess Carolyn feels the time she spent with him was wasted.

It may well be that, given her time again, Princess Carolyn would do things differently. Her career has been a struggle at times, and her longed-for family hasn’t materialised. Still, she doesn’t seem to regret the life she’s actually lived, or the time she spent with BoJack. In amongst all the arguing and insults, she’s able to find a list of good things about him – even though in typical BoJack style, he finds a reason to dismiss them all.

By the end of the episode, the pair have worked through a lot of their frustrations and differences – BoJack even finally admits that, despite not doing “the whole love thing”, he does love Princess Carolyn. Even so, it makes no difference – she’s still fired. Where will their relationship go from here?

Even though the episode is Todd-free, it still manages to pack in a zany element to accompany the main story. During the argument, BoJack also manages to fire the restaurant’s head chef, causing the entire kitchen staff to walk out. Since there’s a restaurant critic present, the show must go on, and the one remaining waiter is drafted in to cook the meals. What results involves a lot of fire, but is largely entertaining.

Other notes

  • BoJack tells Princess Carolyn he’s firing her because of “a lot of things”, echoing what Princess Carolyn said when she broke off their romantic relationship in the first episode.
  • After The BoJack Horseman Show tanks, BoJack says it’s the “best thing that ever happened”, because it made him realise how important Princess Carolyn is to him. As we know from Say Anything in season one, this was BoJack’s go-to attitude any time something went wrong in his career.
  • In the intro, Todd’s Cabracadabra employees are now all orca women from Whale World.

Summary – Best Thing That Ever Happened: “You say you want professionalism? Bullshit.

You want a mommy you can slide your dick in.”

“I can want that and also want professionalism.”

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