The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: It’s You

When Mr Peanutbutter announces the Oscar nominations, it seems that BoJack is up for Best Actor. Determined to enjoy this moment, BoJack decides to party hard with all his admirers, but all is not well.

The last episode ended with BoJack firing Princess Carolyn. Here, he follows that up by driving the rest of his friends away.

It all begins with the Oscar nomination, which, as one might have predicted, leaves Bojack feeling empty rather than joyous. Nonetheless, Ana is able to manipulate him into feeling good about it, telling him that he is special and this is a destined moment. BoJack readily leans into this narrative, inviting all manner of random admirers to hang out and party with him. We know from the very first episode that BoJack doesn’t even like parties that much, but that isn’t going to stop him here.

Suspecting that he might be unhappy, Diane pops by to check on BoJack, but he isn’t interested in hearing her concerns. In the last episode, we saw BoJack getting defensive towards Princess Carolyn, and in that moment exactly skewering her fears and insecurities. He does the same with Diane here, accusing her of having given up on her idealistic hopes for the changing the world.

Diane responds with everything that happened to her last season. “Maybe caring about shit got old. Maybe I’m tired of everyone yelling at me and sending death threats to my house, and all my friends thinking I’m annoying, and getting in fights with my husband, and seeing little refugee boys die in hospital bombings. It’s exhausting and I can’t do it.”

We know that Diane had a tough time of it, both in Cordovia and with the Hank Hippopopalous incident – how can we blame her for wanting things to be easier for a while? Even the most fervent desire to change the world and help people can lead to burnout, especially without an adequate support network. As much as Mr Peanutbutter loves Diane, he was hardly supportive of her choices last season. BoJack gave her a place to stay, but he has too many issues of his own to be emotionally supportive to others. As for her other friends, well, they largely remained offscreen.

Having driven Diane away, it turns out that BoJack doesn’t even have the Oscar nomination – thanks to yet another ridiculous Todd and Mr Peanutbutter situation, the pair lost the nomination list and had to make up their own. BoJack is swiftly abandoned by all his new acquaintances, and he turns desperately to the one person he has always kept close for situations like this – Todd.

Unfortunately, everything is about to go wrong here as well. Even though Todd knew something had happened between BoJack and Emily, it is only now that he learns that they slept together. Desperate not to lose Todd, BoJack is desperate to apologise, finding excuses for his behaviour and promising to do better next time. All in all, it reads very much like the behaviour of a practised emotional manipulator, and this time, Todd is having none of it. He tells BoJack: “You are all the things that are wrong with you. It’s not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you in your career, or when you were a kid. It’s you”.

So, there we have it. Todd lived with BoJack for years, even forgave him for the rock opera sabotage, and now even he doesn’t want to be friends with him any more. BoJack never really wanted to ruin the friendship, but his compulsive need to sabotage himself and others has inevitably led to this point.

Can any of these relationships be fixed? What happens to BoJack now? Given how badly he has acted towards everyone who cares about him, does he even deserve to be happy? Naturally, we’ll be exploring these questions more across the end of season three and into season four.

Other notes

  • Diane gets fired from Vim in this episode, as the struggling company shuts down its social media operations.
  • Captain Peanutbutter is revealed to have undergone a successful splenectomy, and is now doing fine.
  • A duck at the diner specifically asks for stale bread.

Summary – It’s You: “There’s going to be plenty of people around when I kill myself.”

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