The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: See Mr Peanutbutter Run

The campaign to make Mr Peanutbutter Governor of California has begun. There’s just one problem – it’s not actually time for an election. While Mr Peanutbutter’s ex-wife Katrina tries to put together enough signatures to get the current governor recalled, Diane feigns support whilst secretly hoping for the whole thing to blow over.

The last time we saw BoJack, he had left Hollywoo behind and driven into the desert. Three months later, and none of his friends know where he is. In this episode, we focus instead on all the friends he left behind.

The main story in this episode is Mr Peanutbutter’s campaign to become Governor of California., despite his complete lack of qualification for the role. It’s clear that this plotline is meant to be a parody of the Trump campaign, and indeed, when this season released in 2017, Trump’s election felt all too raw and recent for me to appreciate the satire. Two years later, and the political situation has hardly improved, but somehow it’s less painful to rewatch this episode.

Her husband’s campaign leaves Diane in a lonely and difficult position. She repeatedly leaves voicemails for BoJack, but receives no response. Everyone around her – even Todd and Princess Carolyn – have been swept up into the Peanutbutter campaign. If BoJack were here, he would be openly rude and critical about this ridiculous situation, but the more polite Diane keeps her true misgivings to herself. The question remains – how long can she keep it up?

Of course, a BoJack episode rarely focuses on just the one plot thread, and there’s plenty of other character development going on. As well being back at the helm at Vim, Princess Carolyn finds out that she’s pregnant, only to have a miscarriage before she can tell Ralph the news. Their relationship seems ready to move to the next level, as they decide to both move in together and properly try for a baby. Is Princess Carolyn finally about to get the family she’s wanted for so long?

Meanwhile, Todd is still hanging out with Emily, and also getting into crazy scrapes like getting stuck on a flying ‘drone throne’. However, he’s still working towards understanding his own orientation – for now, he actively rejects labelling himself asexual. We’ll continue to see Todd’s journey of figuring himself out play out across the season. As I mentioned in the last post, watch out for a deeper analysis of this in the episode three review.

First appearance

  • Woodcharles “Woodchuck” Coodchuck-Berkowitz: a beaver and the current Governor of California. Voiced by the ever-excellent Andre Braugher, Woodchuck is a solid and competent politician.

Other notes

  • We learn that Mr Peanutbutter got the lead role on “Untitled Horsin’ Around Knock-off” (aka Mr Peanutbutter’s House) by accidentally wandering on set during the filming of the pilot.
  • The Secretariat opening night in the intro animation has been replaced with a kaleidoscope of main character faces. Also, Woodchuck now appears on the TV at the party.
  • The cow waitress who received an accidental $8 million tip from Todd is still working at the diner, but now she is dressed up in fancy jewels.
  • Todd is attacked by a seagull looking to steal his kettle corn.
  • According to the MSNBSea ticker, Character Actree Margo Martindale is missing, presumed dead.
  • The Katrina’s Bill segment is a parody of Schoolhouse Rock.

Summary – See Mr Peanutbutter Run: “This is Diane. Nguyen, obviously.”

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