The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: A Quick One, While He’s Away

Margo Martindale at the convent

Sarah Lynn’s mother hasn’t let go of the fact that her daughter died of an overdose – after getting clean. This piques the interest of a pair of reporters, who decide to start investigating the truth. Meanwhile, Hollyhock and her friends go to New York for a party.

This episode wraps up the first batch of season six, and it does it by omitting all of the main characters in favour of catching us up on the lives of some of the supporting characters. There are plenty of storylines that appear to be setting things up for part two, but only one of those is actually important – namely, the reporters looking into the death of Sarah Lynn. As you might imagine, this is going to be an incredibly important moment for BoJack in the episodes to come.

On rewatching, there’s also the feeling that the writers are teasing who and what they might like to see in a potential BoJack spin-off. I really do feel that the main character stories are tied up satisfactorily by the end of this season, but this episodes hints at scope for further stories set in the same universe. I’m not saying I particularly want a spin-off, and nor do I think it would be as good as this show, but I’m well aware how hard it is for creators to walk away from a successful franchise.

Catching up

  • Gina Cazador: Gina is now lead actor in a new TV series about ballroom dancing, but her time on the set of Philbert has had a lasting effect. Still suffering from PTSD after BoJack tried to strangle her, Gina now shies away from both stunts and last minute scripts – anything that might put her in a vulnerable situation. Unfortunately, this manifests as a typical lead actor diva behaviour, leading to her losing out on a movie opportunity.
  • Kelsey Jannings: Kelsey’s career is still suffering after being fired from Secretariat, forcing her to work on commercials – or “immersive product placement experiences” instead. She finally gets an opportunity to get back into directing movies with Fireflame, a female superhero movie.
  • Hollyhock: Hollyhock is struggling with a desire to be like every other college student and try alcohol, and an understandable feel of losing control under the influence of drugs. Things come to a head at a party where she finally overcomes her fears and has a few sips of beer – but also ends up hearing from none other than “Pete Re-peat” about BoJack’s behaviour at the prom in Tesuque.
  • Character Actress Margo Martindale: Having seemingly found peace at the convent, Character Actress Margo Martindale finds herself troubled by memories of her past life. She ultimately steals a car and returns to her life of high octane crime.
  • Also seen/mentioned: Rutabaga, Courtney Portnoy, Drinking Bird Man.

Page and Maximilian chat with the drinking bird man about AA meetings

First appearances

  • Page Sinclair and Maximillian Banks: a pair of reporters hunting for the truth about Sarah Lynn’s death. On first viewing, I found Page’s elaborate, old-fashioned manner of speech highly irritating, but actually on rewatching I’m quite enjoying her repartee with Maximillian. It remains to be seen as to whether I’ll continue to like it as the season progresses.

Other notes

  • In New York there’s a poster for Milwaukee Post, one of Dick Wolf’s Milwaukee TV shows mentioned earlier in the season.
  • There are also posters and magazine covers for the Mario-themed movie that Jay Hernandez was researching in rehab.
  • Kelsey is working on a commercial for Chicken 4 Dayz.
  • This episode sees an instance of character saying “fuck” without it being directed at BoJack.

Summary – A Quick One, While He’s Away: “When you get to Heaven, look up Margo Martindale! I won’t be there, but my movies will!”

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