The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: Xerox of a Xerox

Following the publication of Paige Sinclair’s article about the last days of Sarah Lynn, BoJack agrees to a TV interview to tell his side of the story. Meanwhile, Diane asks to meet Guy’s teenage son.

Ah, BoJack. If there’s one thing we know about him by now, it’s his relentless propensity for taking even the best of opportunities and screwing them up. This time around, he’s handed a chance to redeem himself on a silver platter – a soft soap interview in which he and Princess pull out all the usual tricks to make BoJack seem like a sympathetic victim.

And, for the shortest of times, it works. The tide of public opinion turns in BoJack’s favour again – he was an addict, a victim, and definitely not responsible for Sarah Lynn’s death. And if he’d just left it at that, everything would have been fine.

Of course, BoJack being BoJack, he just can’t say no to doing a second interview. And this time around, the interviewer has been coached by none other than Paige herself to ask all the difficult questions. And when it transpires that Sarah Lynn just might have lived if BoJack hadn’t covered his own arse by waiting to phone the emergency services, he swiftly becomes the villain of the piece.

So far this season we’ve seen BoJack try to leave his old life and his old habits behind, but this episode demonstrates that he’s just not quite free of them yet. It’s not just that he should be held accountable for the bad things he’s done – it’s that he’s learnt nothing about how to deal with the aftermath. His usual schtichk of coming up with an elaborate exculpation is wearing thin, and in this episode, he plays that card one too many times.

Contrast with the other characters, who are starting to get on with their lives. Todd is considering moving in with his new girlfriend Maude. Mr Peanutbutter and Pickles have officially broken up. Princess Carolyn’s “I have to get home to my daughter” is a clear indication that she now has a life she values beyond running around after BoJack and her other clients.

Even Diane seems to be trying to move on, although for her it’s clearly a struggle. Guy remarks on how she never seems to want to talk about her famous friend BoJack, or her celebrity ex-husband Mr Peanutbutter. At first glance, it might seem as if it’s because Diane is trying to embrace her new life, but really it goes deeper than that. Chicago itself has become a safer, happier place for Diane, but at the same time, it doesn’t quite feel real to her. As long as she’s there, she can just ignore her Hollywoo past and act as if this is a nice, relaxing vacation. But for Diane to truly move on and embrace her new life, she needs to process all of the leftover emotions from what’s come before.

Other notes

  • Despite going into rehab a few episodes ago, we see here that Dr Champ has well and truly fallen off the wagon.
  • Maude says Princess Carolyn doesn’t need a live-in nanny any more, as if something major has changed. It’s not clear to me that her schedule is particularly different from what it was. I guess Ruthie is a bit older now so there are more childcare options available.

Summary – Xerox of a Xerox: Move over sad dog, make room for remorse horse!

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