The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: Angela

While filming “The Horny Unicorn”, BoJack gets a call from Angela Diaz, the network exec who once fired Herb from Horsin’ Around. Meanwhile, Todd tries to reconnect with his mother, and a dream offer forces Princess Carolyn to consider what’s really important to her.

In the last few episodes, we’ve seen BoJack paying the price for his years of bad behaviour. He lost his money, his house, his popularity and even his friends. But there was still one thing that he held dear – the years he spent on Horsin’ Around. As you might guess, this episode sets out to change that.

Thanks to BoJack’s interview and resulting unpopularity, plans to release Horsin’ Around on Blu-ray have been cancelled, and the network execs have decided on a very different course. They want to release an new version of Horsin’ Around simply entitled “Around”, in which all of The Horse’s scenes have been cut. BoJack is of course reluctant to let this – and the show’s royalties – go, but Angela convinces him to do just that, for the sake of Sarah Lynn’s memory.

As if that wasn’t enough, a drinking session with Angela prompts another revelation. All this time, both the viewers and BoJack himself were convinced that BoJack would have lost his job on Horsin’ Around if he’d stood up for Herb when Herb came out as gay. But now it turns out that Angela was bluffing – BoJack could have stood his ground and supported Herb after all.

In classic BoJack fashion, he tries to blame Angela for this being the point where everything went wrong, from which all his other bad decisions and poor behaviours sprang. But of course, as Angela points out, this isn’t really the case. It’s all very nice to try to make sense of things, to point at a single fork in the road where making the wrong choice meant things went irrevocably wrong – especially if that choice can be blamed on someone else. However, BoJack was not only responsible for the decision he made back then, but on every decision since.

Character catch-ups

While BoJack continues to lose everything, the other main characters are pretty much all getting on with their lives.

  • Todd: after another classic Todd shenanigan – this one starring Character Actress Margot Martindale – Todd finally manages to reconnect with his estranged mother. I’m not sure if this storyline is meant to have emotional depth – to be honest, given how silly Todd’s storylines are, it’s hard to really care. Todd reconnecting with his parents has really just felt like the typical kinds of classic family issues that get introduced into TV shows late into their runs.
  • Princess Carolyn finally gets her dream job offer, only to discover that she doesn’t really know what to do with it. This is initially portrayed as a sad turn of events – the stark realisation that when you spend so many years working hard and grinding towards your dreams, you might actually lose sight of them on the way. By the end, however, it feels more positive. The dreams you had as a young person reflect who you were then. If you’ve grown and changed as a person, those aspirations may well not fit you any more – now there’s a dream that suits you better.
    This episode also really pushes the Princess Carolyn/Judah romance angle. On first viewing, this felt quite out of the blue, and a rather hasty attempt to tie up a loose end. Second time around, I was more aware of hints of Judah’s feelings throughout the season. I’ll have more to say about this in the final episode blog, and perhaps in the individual character blogs.
  • Diane is feeling a lot better about herself and her relationship with Guy, and is even ready to move to Houston with him so that they can be close to Guy’s son.
  • Mr Peanutbutter has just published a memoir about his journey from “Sad Dog to Rad Dog”. Although he still seems clueless in many ways, one thing has changed – spending time as a single person has let him develop more as an individual, instead of being so reliant on being part of a couple. This is another development I intend to document more in the individual character blogs.


Summary – Angela: “From the way people talk about writing, I always assumed it was very difficult. But it turns out it’s not at all – literally anyone can do it.”

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