Star Trek Picard: Absolute Candor

On the way to Freecloud, Picard insists on stopping off on Vashti, at the Romulan refugee camp he helped to settle fourteen years previously. His plan is to recruit one of the Qowat Milat, an order of Romulan warrior nuns whose fighting skills could prove invaluable on the journey. However, the people of Vashti haven’t forgotten that Starfleet reneged on its promise to help them fourteen years ago, and Picard is now far from welcome there. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: The End is the Beginning

Despite being rejected by Starfleet, Picard is still determined to launch a mission to find Soji. With that in mind, he attempts to enlist the help of former Starfleet colleague Raffi Musiker, but there’s some bad blood between them that won’t be easily healed. Meanwhile, Soji herself continues to study the liberated drones on the abandoned Borg vessel.

The first three episodes of Picard were meant to be a single bumper, pilot episode, and with that in mind, I tried to be a bit more forgiving of all the exposition and setup that was going on. Even so, I have to admit that while I’m optimistic for the series overall, this episode and the previous one were a bit of a disappointment. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: Maps and Legends

With the help of his Romulan assistants, Picard begins to investigate the circumstances behind Dahj’s death, along with possible leads about her sister Soji. But even as he uncovers hints pointing towards the involvement of a secretive Romulan faction, he finds that Starfleet is unwilling to help him. Meanwhile, Soji continues her work aboard the abandoned Borg cube. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: Beyond the Farthest Star

The Enterprise encounters a vast alien ship

Yes, the time has come. I’ve decided to do it – to watch and blog Star Trek: The Animated Series. I put this off for a while, because to be honest I wasn’t really sure that TAS had enough substance to sustain an episodic blog. But after realising that I remember so little of it that I might as well rewatch it, then it seemed only natural to add to the sum of my Star Trek blogs by also writing about it. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: Remembrance

Well, here we are. Ever since it was first announced, Star Trek fans have been awaiting the arrival of the new Picard series, a TNG sequel that would catch up with everyone’s favourite captain long after his retirement from Starfleet. Being a cautious sort, my anticipation was tempered with a degree of trepidation. Would this be a cheap cash-in on a beloved franchise? Would the plot go off the rails into utter ridiculousness, like Discovery? Fortunately, one episode in, and although it’s not perfect, signs are looking good. Continue reading