Star Trek Discovery: Forget-me-Not

Adira Tal is a human joined with a Trill symbiont – but she doesn’t remember how or why the joining even happened. Since one of Tal’s previous hosts was Starfleet Admiral Senna Tal, Discovery has a vested interest in helping Adira unlock the symbiont’s memories. To that end, Discovery travels to the Trill homeworld in search of answers. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: People of Earth

After a year working with Book as a courier, Burnham is back on Discovery – and she has information about Earth. Following up on a message sent by a Starfleet admiral, Discovery heads to humanity’s homeworld, in the hopes of finding some friendly faces in this new time. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: That Hope is You, Part 1

Michael Burnham has landed safely in the 32nd century, in a galaxy that is very different to the one she left behind. With no sign of Discovery, Burnham teams up with freelance courier Cleveland “Book” Booker, in the hopes of making contact with her crew.

Star Trek Discovery is back, and it’s time for a whole new chapter in the show’s story. Where the first two seasons gave us a TOS prequel filled with dubious levels of retconning, season three is all about taking the action forward a whopping 900 years, to a galaxy where the Federation is long gone. Continue reading


Note: this review is for Circle (2015), not to be confused with The Circle (2015), or numerous other films of the same name.

Fifty people find themselves trapped together in a mysterious circular arena. Unable to move from their assigned spots, the soon discover they are participants in a deadly game – every two minutes, they must collectively vote on which of them dies. Only one person can survive, but who should it be?

While browsing for a mutually agreeable film on Netflix, my viewing companion and I stumbled on Circle, a movie which seemed exactly right for my “awful sci-fi thrillers” blog reviews. In fact, even with our expectations set appropriately low, this film was worse than expected. Continue reading

The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: Angela

While filming “The Horny Unicorn”, BoJack gets a call from Angela Diaz, the network exec who once fired Herb from Horsin’ Around. Meanwhile, Todd tries to reconnect with his mother, and a dream offer forces Princess Carolyn to consider what’s really important to her.

In the last few episodes, we’ve seen BoJack paying the price for his years of bad behaviour. He lost his money, his house, his popularity and even his friends. But there was still one thing that he held dear – the years he spent on Horsin’ Around. As you might guess, this episode sets out to change that. Continue reading

The Declaration, Chapters 24-25

It’s been a while, but we’re almost through this book, so let’s get down to the final chapters. I must admit I’ve forgotten the names of many of the supporting characters, but let’s hope that doesn’t impede this too much.

You may recall from the last blog that Evil Mrs Pincent turned out to have a Tragic Backstory, in which the son she wanted so dearly was born a Surplus. Mrs Pinsent always believed that said son was killed as baby, but in a narrative twist, our hero Peter turns out to have her family’s ring – the very ring she left with the child. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: The Counter-Clock Incident

The Enterprise flies through a white void with black stars

While trying to save an alien ship, the Enterprise is dragged into a mysterious parallel universe where time runs in reverse. Kirk and the crew begin working with the natives of this universe to find a way home, but when the entire crew starts rapidly ageing in reverse, they have to act quickly.

Well, here we are, at the unremarkable end of this unremarkable series. With its parallel universe where black stars “shine” in a white void, this episode was one of the few that had stuck in my mind over the years. What I’d forgotten, it turned out, was quite how bad the actual plot is. Continue reading